MGS4: Kojima says "50GB BD Not Enough For MGS4"

In an exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid series, has made complains about 50GB BD not been sufficient. The Metal Gear Solid producer considers the Blu Ray disc too small and that they had to make compromises in order to put the game on the 50GB BD. According to Hideo, the programmers had to compress some parts in the game to save disc space.

Kojima : I am not satisfied with the quality yet, however...there isn't enough space.

Interviewer: Not enough space..on..Blu-ray..?

Kojima: Yes.(laughs). Not enough space.

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mighty_douche4005d ago

Isn't 50gb already dual layer?

Standard BR disc is 25gb.

decapitator4005d ago

I mean 50GB BD not enough ?!?! ...Man, I expect to see a lot of DLC for the game in the future when released.

sonarus4005d ago

yea i had a feeling this would happen. Maybe when ps3 gets the 100GB discs kojima will return for ONE LAST BATTLE lol

TheWickedOne4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

OK, maybe QL-BD then.

Just joking...

pharmd4005d ago

yeah, i guess this confirms no MGS4 for 360 :P

gamesR4fun4005d ago

heh well roll out the 200 gig b/r then
still hard ta believe 50 gigs and they had to cut corners to jam it all in...
crazy this game should blow away anything thats come b4

iamtehpwn4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

But enough to prove that its not possible for MGS4 to be done on 360.

Well, if it was to be done... the Graphics, Sound Quality, and many other Areas of the Game would Suffer Severely Because of it.

Fat Onion4005d ago

I think it would be possible to make a game of this size on 360. Above it says "the programmers had to compress SOME parts in the game".

This leads me to believe that PS3 games are not compressed. I also have read that 360 is very good with compression, and pritty much all the games out for it right now are compressed and they look no worse than a PS3 game.

sonarus4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

prob get disagrees but once again this isn't the truth. The fact that mgs4 struggled to fit on a 50GB blu ray disc does not necessarily mean it won't come to the 360. PS3 owners love to believe mgs4 will never see light of day on 360 right now i would say its like 80:20 but there is still that 20% chance 360 owners will get to play as snake.

1. There is always the options of multidiscs. Lost odyssey was 4 discs what makes you think they can't do 6 or 5 discs for xbox 360??

2. Kojima adds an insane amount of polish into his game and one thing we know FOR SURE is if mgs4 comes to 360 it wnt be done by kojima productions. So that polish wouldn't be necessary. With a decent amount of compression, MGS4 would probably fit into 4 discs just like lost odyssey

3. 360 has better compression techniques that ps3. If you compress too much on ps3 it will affect load times 360 on the other hand has a faster drive so load times won't be affected as much. In summary if mgs4 does get ported it will be an extremely crappy port but a port nonetheless and a port i can bet microsoft and most 360 owners will be more than willing to accept

pharmd4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

i know sonarus, it was a joke (so you wont get a disagree from me)... but im just hopin it silences some rumors, ya know kinda have fun with it since im giddy as a schoolgirl now!

socomnick4005d ago

Did you guys catch that lol. "According to Hideo, the programmers had to compress some parts in the game to save disc space" so basically the 50 gig is enought just compress the game no problem. Im pretty sure they might be able to fit it in a dvd if they compress it enough.

Sovannah Phum4005d ago

Kojima wanted to make a game in which he wouldn't have to compress anything, if you didn't know, compression means loss of quality.

Kojima's objective was to make a game with uncompressed quality, that's why he said that 50 gigs wasn't enough for such a vision.

Don't think it was his intention to just make a game. He wanted a "theater experience" PS3 owners. Don't turn this little issue in which Kojima is hyping the game he is creating into a;

"OmG MgS4 FoR 36o CoNFirMED!"

Time_Is_On_My_Side4005d ago

The multi disc can work only if the game is linear if it isn't you can just forget it. No one wants to keep switching discs because they keep leaving and entering a certain area.

For it to be on the XBOX 360 all the coding must be redone to the XBOX 360's architecture plus multiple discs are required. That means more money for a single game compared to the PlayStation 3. It may cost a little bit more but one game fits on one disc. If you had to send 4 - 7 discs per game that will cost you.

Tyler Durden4004d ago

MGS 4 is already comfirmed for 360 look at the trailer

pharmd4004d ago

HAHAHA, thats the shiz.... so funny!

bubbles for makin me laugh

gambare4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

to be developed only on bluray format

ruibing4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

So many things wrong with your comment right there. First off, where do you get that 80:20 thing? Just about all non-360 owners at this point will limit it below a hundred of a percent.

Second, have you ever seen a 6 disc game? I've been playing RPGs for a long time and the biggest one has been 4 CDs, and since the era of DVDs the only one to set a new record was Lost Odyssey. Did you notice the performance (specifically the load times) for that game?

Third, I don't know what "polish" has anything to do with the game coming to the 360, but just how much compression can the game stand to loose in terms of the CGI, texture, and audio. This isn't like ASCII text files that can be compressed to a small fraction of its normal size, the only way you can compress that small is either use processor-heavy encoding or high lossy encoding (or maybe both). And we've already seen Lost Odyssey, I'm sure they tried to reduce the number of discs as much as possible and we got that end result.

Lastly, the 360 does not have any inherent compression technique. If anything, the PS3's high floating point calculation capabilities makes it better at compression algorithm. Let's also not forget the fact that the PS3's built-in HDD further reduce the load times if the developer feels it is necessary.

But by your logic, the people that made Crysis could have made it run on an old P4 machine if they just "optimized" it enough.

sonarus4004d ago

if i had only a 360 do you think 6 discs will stop me from playing mgs4 no. Like i said if it got ported it would be a crappy port but size dosent have to do with anything. they will just reduce the quality. I was simply pointing out the 50GB data dosen't guarantee there won't be an xbox 360 port. I really don't care if the 3rd party exclusives for ps3 get ported heard haze will get ported so will tekken i really don't care. Their line up is pretty shoddy at this point ps3 line up on the other hand stands quite strong

zane5474004d ago

Code/Graphics does not take up that much space on a disk, what does is the cutscenes hence Lost Odyssey was on 4 disks.

Now most MGS games were able to be completed in 4 or 5 hours if the cutscenes were skipped.

There isnt enough room on the disk because again, MGS4 is going to be heavily loaded up with cut-scene after cut-scene.

Mainman4004d ago

@ zane547

MGS4's cut-scenes are ingame, so it won't take much space compared to CGI cut-scenes.

Bubble Buddy4004d ago

Wonder how long the gameplay is :D

Gondee4004d ago

actuly, crysis can run on an old P4. Iv done it =)
Just messing around one day i put back in a old 3.2 Ghz P4.
i was getting about 6 FPS on very high with a 8800 GTX OC =)

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PStriple7034005d ago

firewall update 100gb right there

HeartlesskizZ4004d ago

This means only one thing... Kojima wants a 3layer BD minimum to make MGS5... I can only imagine how long is this game already Gosh... im nervous ill never let go of this game =P

Gaara_7244005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

imagin if this was dvd-9 ooo
he states
has made complains about 50GB BD not been sufficient
ok thats 4 dvd-9 in 1 blue ray so waw just waw would it even fit in the star wars saga case if this was for the 360?

Hydrollex4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

fuked up all RUMORs !

LOL Imagine Xbots having 10 DVD disks, MGS4 Disk 1, MGS4 Disk2


After passing 2 missions you get this error

You Xbot ! Move your A$$ and Insert the Second Disk

rofldings4005d ago

knowing Microsoft, they'll charge $60 each for each disc for MGS4.

That is the true reason why they included a last-gen format in their "next-gen" console.

LastDance4005d ago

So much for xbox fans(and EB games workers) saying devs dont need any more space then a DVD9....

I hope they feel good about themselves.

Homicide4005d ago

LOL! Where are the bots? ROFLMFAO! Stupid moronic bots thinking bluray isn't needed.

Actually it would be 5-6 DVD 9s for 1 blu-ray disc.

ruibing4005d ago

True enough, even DVD-9 only holds about 8GB per disc, so it will be a minimum of 6 discs on DVD. The only thing I'm curious about is why didn't they use 2 50GB BR discs.

Stubacca4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Where are all the X-bots?

He said 50 GB wasn't enough? Why not put it on 2 blu-rays. How many 360 DVD discs is that? Too many.

They should just hurry up and release another console that CAN keep up with Sony's beast.

Quickstrike4004d ago

I guess they are ignoring this because they still don't want to accept the truth that MGS 4 is a PS3 exclusive. And that the only way it would be on the 360 is in a 25 disk set.

TheXgamerLive4004d ago

by adding all that damned video, if I wanted to watch a movie I'd go rent one, this game will be scored lower in my book b/c of that. That's my main complaint on playing MGS2 on my Xbox, too much video, it took away from the game play.

LastDance4004d ago

You see XGamer- this is why people like hideo and ryan are making the game.. and people like you are writing on comment boards.

Quite clearly Metal gear is what it is. If you wanted to change something in it then its not metal gear. Like it or dont. simple as that.

Im sorry if you cant handle storyline. Perhaps you should play Gears of war where they dont want to "hold you down with to much storyline" and blast away to your hearts content.

NO_PUDding4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )


MGS4 Episode 1 would play great on 360, and then you can download the other 5 episodes. You xbots love episodic content. Apparently it's the future! Maybe the future because it takes so long to download. Yes definitely the future.

Plus it may play great on the 360, but it would play better on the PS3. When people ask me whether I want quality or quanitity, I say both, I don't bend over for Microsoft, and say... I don't mind just give me whatever you got. They defintely didn't give you quantity, and we all know size matters, despite what your Microsoft says.

Wow I love the Open Zone. Anyway, back to civilised Gamer Zone for me.

EDIT: I don't actually like MGS that much, and I never got into it, I just know that if Kojima is askign for more space we need a dual layered BR disc soon. And I also know I want this game.

BLUR1114004d ago

about all of the xbox owners dont care to post in ps3 news they dont flood the articles like sony fanboys flame 360 articles. fanboys are so lame and don't play games most likely.

Razmossis4004d ago

your so ignorant you dont even realise that you contradicted yourself lawl

BLUR1114004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

ur the ignorant idiot , i was refering to fanboys i have both 360 and ps3 so i look in news for both. you're probly one to shout Blu-ray FTW in 360 articles. you most likely didnt get my point.

lalilulelo4004d ago

go crawl in a hole you loser. every MGS fan out there LOVES the videos. its what makes the deep story of MGS even deeper.

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ElementX4005d ago

I hope this game isn't 30 hours of CGI movies

mighty_douche4005d ago

I hope it is : )

Just with 80 hours gameplay....

Rybnik4005d ago

Dont be a tool Element X there basically is NO CGI in MGS games its all done in engine.

jwatt4005d ago

The cut scenes in Mgs is what makes the story so epic, It's seriously like playing a movie.

tweaker4005d ago

CGI is non existent in MGS. well except for the intro. lol

ElementX4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I have never played a MGS game. I didn't know there weren't CGI movies. I said I "hope" that means I didn't say there would be. No need to be disrespectful and call me a tool.

Sovannah Phum4005d ago

element, you are a tool. just making ridiculous baseless claims about things you do not have experience about makes you a tool.

If you've never played mgs, and have had no interest to do so, why are you here bsing?

ElementX4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I wasn't claiming anything! I know Japanese games have a lot of movies. I was just saying I hope it wasn't like that. Give me a break. I never owned a PS2. I didn't play the MGS games. I want to try it out though, because I heard it's good. Quit hating.

Ok, i played about 30 minutes of the first one on PS1. That was YEARS ago. I wouldn't call it "playing" because I didn't get very far, only the first level.

HeartlesskizZ4004d ago

same things were said about MGS3 trailers being CGI when it was all real time...

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Rattles4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

you would know its not.