Naruto Storm 3: Madara in Opening, Main Menu Revealed

Tthe character select screen with more characters has been revealed. It shows some pre-time skip characters will be in the game.

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Analcarnage3633d ago

I can feel your nipples bursting

BldyShdw3633d ago

Your level of constant enthusiasm is kinda awesome.

Gregard3632d ago

I'm kinda sad actually.... from the looks of that character screen, it seems that the 7 swordmen of the mist are not playable, neither are Ginkaku and Kinkaku :( I wish they would ditch the PTS characters and make more room for these guys :/

Gigglefist3633d ago

I can't stand the Naruto show (I can barely handle Sub.)

That being said, dammit the Naruto games are an absolute blast, and look gorgeous.

Looking forward to this one.