April Fool 2008 #1 - EGM's Lego Halo is an April fool's joke

DarkZero writes: Dark Zero may have just stepped into the first week of March, but that has not stopped gaming mag's starting to tease us with games that will most likely never see the light of day. However, if there was ever one, Dark Zero would would love to see created it would have to be from the scan you see - Lego Halo. However, sadly it is just a cunning April Fool's joke from the minds of evil people at EGM.

Apparently, the joke has already fooled two sites, but we would not blame them as it was an excellent attempt by EGM.

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Cyrus3653935d ago

That was a pretty good april fool joke, considering how many sites picked it up as possibility....considering all the lego games out (Lego star wars, lego batman, lego indiana jones...)

Shioka3934d ago

I don´t like that D:

Shioka3934d ago

Yeah,N4G Didn´t fall for that old trick >) Nice.

mikeslemonade3934d ago

Yea we expereinced that's why.

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