CNN: Sony's PS4 future lies in the cloud

The new Sony PlayStation 4 is a beast of a gaming console, but its most amazing feature has nothing to do with with raw power. But what's in the clouds?

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lovegames7183129d ago

Ps4 Is beast and the haters are envious. Killzone is a launch game and confirmed 1080P and ppl are, scared. Loved prrsentation and I will buy at launch. 8Gigs ddr5, powerful gpu and cpu, man im sold. Social innovations alone are enough for me, to buy not to Mention instant demos and download play.

VonBraunschweigg3129d ago

1080p yes, but the latest rumours say they are still discussing the framerate, apparently 60 fps is far from confirmed and even 30 is possible. I don't have any links right now, I read it on a Dutch website.

30 fps is still playable, I just rather have a beautifull KZ game that remains beautifull in motion. With 30 fps, things go missing when the action gets going.

VonBraunschweigg3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Sony's PS future lies on the couch at the moment, with a good cup of coffee after yesterdays beers, looking at a nice collection of PS3 games next to an almost dead fatty, wondering if he will be allowed to re-play his games from the cloud for free next year.

Probably not. So one more coffee and back to work, finish-em all while I still can.

WeAreLegion3129d ago

I download most of my PS3 games. My biggest concern is not the lack of backwards compatibility. It's that Sony could drop support for the download of things on PS3 at ANY point in time! Five years from now, if I want to play a game I purchased on the PS3 and I don't have it downloaded...will I still be able to download it?!? It has me very concerned. :/

VonBraunschweigg3129d ago

Yeah I have a few concerns myself. That said, I have only one major reason to buy a new console and that's the new games, nothing else. So I expect to buy the PS4 day one.

I know my games on Blu ray say PS3 on the box so I can't really demand they work on another machine, I know Sony runs a business so they want to sell as much games as possible, but I would like to see at least something positive for loyal PS3 fans. Making every PS3 game available through the cloud is great for people who never had a PS3 or who missed a lot of games, but for gamers like me? For example: I love WipEout HD, I have it as download and on Blu ray, there's no new WipEout game in the works, I'm sure I want my Supersonic fix next year and I'm pretty sure my old fat PS3 will be dead next year, already 2x ylod and I can hear the 3rd coming. Now I do know this is one of those situations Sony can't really be blamed for, some fatties just die.

But when it's so easy to provide at least a little service to fans like me, why not do it? If not for free, why not make the PS4 authenticate my PS3 disk and give me a discount for playing through the cloud? With the disk required to remain in the PS4 during play?

And a final thought: the download, the game I bought from PSN and played on PSN. If PSN continues on PS4, shouldn't my PSN game just continue? I know PSN is not Steam, but now they announced this cloud service, why not make it one PSN instead of two? Because right now, I'm buying nothing from PSN anymore.

Sorry for the wall of text & thanx for reading.

WeAreLegion3128d ago

I'm with you. I'm not buying any PSN games now because I don't know if they'll transfer or not. :/ I hate to do that, but that's how it has to be.