Playstation Magazine Reveals Two New Titles - First Images

Translated From French via google:

"Damnation is action game that should see the light of day during the Winter 2008. It is developed by Blue Omega and published by Codemasters.
A bit like the vision of an eagle in Assassin's Creed.

Second Title to be announced is Recoil: Retrograd. It is a TPS (Third Person Shooter, action game in the 3rd person) created by the writer of the Hitman Series. The game takes place entirely in the city of Retrograd fictitious, but at different times. The game will use the Unreal Engine 3."

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hella whip4188d ago

The first one is coming out in the Winter, both look like they are multi-platform.

hazeblaze4187d ago

They probably are multi-plat, we should have more news soon. The screens from the first game look promising... not so sure on the 2nd game yet though.

Violater4187d ago

"The game will use the Unreal Engine 3.""
I stopped reading right there.

gaffyh4187d ago

Was just about to reply and say the first game looks kinda crap like Jericho, then I read "The Round Peg's" comment further down and he said it is Clive Barker's, so I'm not holding out much hope for the first game. The second game doesn't look great, but I think it will be better than Damnation.

decapitator4188d ago

Well, my french isn't perfect but from what I could understand from the article. One of the game's is been published by Codemasters so it might not be exclusive. One of the game will be using the UE3 engine( hope the meatball is implemented..:)...)

TheWickedOne4188d ago

Exclusive or not both games look promising. Nice find and thanks for the google french translation.

ktchong4188d ago

His Jericho isn't exactly a well-made game.

decapitator4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Can you stop reporting this story, I have changed it and you stay reporting it homie..Whats good ?

Also, because the guy made a sucking game does not mean he will do it again. This time, it might be different.

TheWickedOne4188d ago

Yeah, I had high hopes for Jericho. It was decent but the gameplay sucked. But anything Barker's attached to is worth a look.

Violater4187d ago

PLaying Jericho on PC
The game isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
I have 3 games to play, Bioshock, Gears and Jericho and so far I have enjoyed Jericho more.

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eagle214188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

The screens for Damnation look interesting.

gonzopia4187d ago

Recoil looks a bit steampunk'ish... and sounds like it may be built similarly to Gears Of War (using Unreal technology in 3rd person action style). The Damnation game looks a bit more like an industrial set, sci-fi western... and appears to also be more of an action game like Uncharted or Gears.

They're both ideas which show some promise, though it's very hard to tell with such limited information. I hope they're exclusive to the PS3, but I guess we'll need to wait and see.

Sevir044188d ago

the dev of hit man that second game looks great as well but somehow that look less than exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.