Fox News Wants You To Be Mad About Assassin’s Creed III’s Evil George Washington DLC

Did you know that there's a video game where George Washington is evil? And that it's made by the French?

Trenta273753d ago

Fox wants us to be mad at everything...

Sam Fisher3752d ago

And thats why fox news anchormen suck and only a few people actually watch their crap, or maybe ubisoft is actually giving us a message with the ac games and the media wants to shun them away, what if the ac brotherhood exist, what if- oh wait, i farted... -_-

Cyrax43752d ago

Only a few people watch their crap?

You do realize they are the biggest cable news station in the US and absolutely destroy CNN & MSNBC in the ratings year after year.

I can't stand most of the shows on that station, but they do have a couple good ones. Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld is one of my all-time favorite shows.

DeadlyFire3752d ago

I don't think Fox News is bad at all really overall its decent, but their views on gaming are very uneducated.

violents3752d ago

Fox news has a republican agenda, and right now rebulicans are trying to demonize video games because of the whole gun safety debate. They want to say video games made people do it and this just plays into thier agenda. And to whoever said that fox news gets the best ratings, your probahbly right however dont be a sheeple like the rest of them that take everything the tv says as truth.

Besides the fact the ubisoft montreal is a canadian studio not french.

Ha Fox news blows so much!

dantesparda3752d ago

Fox News is nothing but rightwing/pro-republican crap!!! And they are pathetic!

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Double_O_Revan3752d ago

It's the only thing that makes Them happy

AuToFiRE3752d ago

Fox wants all gamers put in prison.

RufustheKing3751d ago

The worse thing about this game is the game itself. AC3 was sh*t.

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Zomboid-G3752d ago

Fox News: Hate-mongering entertainment television for idiots
On that note, a "French" videogame depicting our nation's founder and greatest hero as a villain is like the perfect storm for them. lol

Sam Fisher3752d ago

Well our founding father was a racist slave owner, but i guess thats not evil at all, maybe instead of going for president, ill go for dictator since they never mention the bad things in america

Megaton3752d ago

Oh yeah, I saw Fox's outrage boner for this the moment it was announced at the VGAs.

TekoIie3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I wonder if the anyone who watches Fox or is commenting on their website knows where the Statue of Liberty came from :3

Redempteur3752d ago

I feel pity for anyone watching fox news.. getting brainwashed that way is something i wouldn't hope to happen to my worst ennemies .

Summons753752d ago

Guess the never saw the Master of Horror "Washingtonians". He was depicted as a cannibal there lol. Good movie by the way.

DOOMZ3752d ago

I like how the always say "FAIR & BALLANCED", yeaaahhh RIGHT!

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