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Why it is way to early to claim doom for the Wii U

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Neonridr3679d ago

Nintendo will be fine. At E3 they will showcase the new Mario, the new Retro game, possibly a glimpse at the next Zelda, most certainly a look at Wind Waker HD, Super Smash Brothers, and who knows what other surprises they will have up their sleeves.

Nintendo has always been about 1st party software, as most 3rd party developers jumped ship from the Wii and the system was carried almost Nintendo exclusively.

The Wii U doesn't have the same broad appeal and instant pickup and play mentality that the Wii had, but it's a different concept and a different way to play the games. Personally I think the possibilities go so far as to different game mechanics that can be incorporated into the way we play our games.

All this doom and gloom is stemming from the fact that the software has dried up after the launch, but if you think it will be any different for the PS4 you're crazy. Companies always try to scramble to get their software ready for the launch, which means that the next 6 months usually look pretty barren until the next wave of software comes. With Next Gen games costing significantly more money and development times possibly increasing, the same sitution or worse could happen with the PS4.

Anyways, if you enjoy the Wii U, then keep playing it. If it's not for your, then ignore it.

Nintendo plays by their own rules, and they've been around the block more times than Microsoft or Sony combined. Nintendo has been making video game consoles for 30 years (this year). Believe me, there will be a Wii U successor. It just may come a little earlier than expected.

Nevers0ft3679d ago

The way I see it is despite claiming they didn't want to have the same launch issues the 3DS had, the Wii U will likely play out in a similar way... It launches with a fanfare, new releases dry up during the launch window affecting sales, naysayers start claiming Nintendo have screwed up and the console has failed, major releases finally start to come out for the console, Nintendo unleashes it's marketing blitz because it now has something to market and the console starts to fly off shelves.

MNGamer-N3679d ago

I am not worried at all. Just excited, and anticipating the fun games that are on the way.

phantomexe3679d ago

That is a great read. Gamers play games not there consuls. Myself i love uncharted and i enjoy halo, metroid and yea i'm looking forward to an HD metroid and xenoblade. I play what interest me, i don't owe sony, ms or nintendo anything.

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