Devil May Cry 4 Review: "Marred by Some Unfortunate Flaws"

Ripten's Patrick Steen reviews Devil May Cry 4:

"In order to meet the expectations of newcomers and hardcore devils alike, the first next-generation Devil May Cry had a lot to live up to. It would be wrong to reform for the casual audience, but Capcom have made some successful changes to make it more accessible to the less proficient gamer.

In the end Devil May Cry 4 brings the series to more gamers than ever before, using perfect artistry and impressive graphics to create the canvas for an addictive and challenging experience that is only marred by some unfortunate flaws."

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TheExecutive4006d ago

the shadows ruined the graphics for me in this game. One word comes to mind: CHOPPY.

techie4006d ago

Uncharted spoiled us.

mikeslemonade4006d ago

Multiplatform ruined it for us. It would have been a great game if it were exclusive. Come on seriously(SPOILERS):

Backtracking half of the game
Fighting all bosses three times

It's evident they just basically copied and paste because they didn't have enough time.

Asurastrike4006d ago

The 10 chapters of backtracking with Dante ruined it for me.

Marceles4006d ago have to admit it's kinda cheap. I kinda thought the Savior statue fight was better than the final boss though...

KidMakeshift4006d ago

In this day and age, that's pretty bad

Backtracking wouldn't be so bad if the environments were actually unique and interesting. The game's environments pretty flat and open and the enemy variety is really limited. The whole trials and tribulations chapter was bull

The only thing that I really enjoyed about DMC4 was the bosses and the ridiculous cutscenes

I still love DMC1

Le-mo4006d ago

The only thing thing keeping me from getting this game is the 5GB installation. I would've been more forgiven if the game actually made some major improvements.

KidMakeshift4006d ago

Yeah, the installs are pretty ridiculous (5gb equates to like 50 arcade games or so). The benefit from the install is very minimal. Isn't blu-ray slower than a standard DVD? Maybe that's the real reason for the installs.

It wouldn't be such a big deal if the installs didn't take 30 mins to download

Mars Attacker4006d ago

I played all the way through once and sold the game on eBay. It was a good game, but I can't stand the Playstation/Nintendo style platforming and complex button pushing combo systems. This may be good for a 10-15 year old, but not for me. I almost quit the game on level 12. That stupid timed mode and laser beam jumping took forever to finally make it through and each time you had to go all the way back to the beginning.

I normally stick to good old FPS games, but Capcom did a good job with the camera angle. The [email protected] story and cut scenes got old really quick and the backtracking in DMC4 was annoying too. Hopefully Too Human won't have any platforming - it can't possibly have a worse story line. At this point I can't wait for R6V2. Mmmmm....FPS!

Scarfy4006d ago

Yeah, I agree.

The gameplay has aged and the fighting really does become quite repetitive. There's simply not enough variation. The plot is... well... I have no idea what was going on. The graphics were okay, but not exactly mind blowing.

Ultimately this game is about stylish fighting, but there are other games that simply did it better and made it more entertaining: ie - God of War.

I think the bit that did it for me was the Dante vs Nero fight half way through. You were required to use his skills against him, wait for him to make a mistake, make use of the environment or anything. Simple walk over to him firing and throw. Lame.

Scarfy4006d ago

Typos in my above post.

Basically what I was saying was that the Dante vs Nero fight was a missed opportunity. Shame.

jinn4006d ago

DMC4 is the last game of this franchise i will ever play

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