Crazy Saudi GT5:P Drifting

You may be aware of the Saudis propensity to take automobiles to the limits of physics, this video illustrates possibly a better way to practice before its tried on the open road. Enjoy.

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ruibing4007d ago

Yeah I was confused for a moment too with how real everything looks. It's hard to imagine this is only the prologue.

JBaby3434007d ago

But yet that's just a youtube video. I wonder what this game would look like on my Bravia. Then I just think of the full game.


sonarus4007d ago

my only gripe with GT5 now is the engine sound and the tire screeching. Think they could make it a little bit better. Shouldnt even have to re record sounds just edit the pitch and some other things to give it more depth. Maybe its an updatable thing

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Rikitatsu4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Are un-matched .... You see them drift daily in every street/Corner

Guwapo774007d ago

Even better than the Japanese?

Rikitatsu4007d ago

but Saudi drifting is more Life threatening and more Awesome ... Japanese one is just normal

Search in youtube and judge yourself

Guwapo774006d ago

I remember seeing that video at work. I'm happy just happy everyone made it back in the car alright. LoL!

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Rattles4007d ago

but in gt4 my best drift car i had was the ford falcon gt i had that thing setup to perfection, then i messed around with it some more and never got it back to how i had it :(

resistance1004007d ago

That really does show how good the physics are in this game, i've been playing it for months now and will pick up the english version as well. And IMO the physics and the way the cars handles are more of an achievement than the visuals

Rybnik4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

You guys are HIGH!!! That is footage of GT Prologue TV its not the game!!!! That is an incredibly skilled driver though!

Holy SH!T. I see what you mean but....the lighting its insane..I've never seen another game come anywhere close. That HDR is the most advanced I've ever witnessed...maybe you tube quality is hiding some of the other things that would give it away..but damn, I mean the wheel reflections look like its frickin video. Most of the GT5 vids Ive seen so far look fantastic..but not quite photoreal, this basically is.

destroyah4007d ago

That's the game. The grass is a dead give away.

sonarus4007d ago

haha i dnt know if your reaction is fake or real but we've all gone thru that phase of not being able to tell difference between in game or not. And yes GT5 looks amazing

Rybnik4007d ago

Yes Sonora. The first time I watched it I did really get fooled. I realize now the reasons I shouldn't have..but it really was the lighting that did it, that and the really convincing car physics and realistic sheen on the rims and reflections. Unbelievable. I remember when I first got GT3 and I thought I wonder if I will ever get to play a version of this that really looks like a 6-7 years later I have my answer. I just never in my wildest dreams thought it would be so soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.