Atari announcement on Monday morning: Phil-ing lucky?


"A source close to Atari, speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, has told us that an announcement from the publisher's top brass is expected on Monday morning. Word has also reached us that new Atari boss David Gardner and Phil "you're not SCEEing any more" Harrison are are on the same flight to New York on Monday."

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Time Lord4009d ago

Remind me why I should care about what Phil H does next?

Iamback4009d ago

I remember how there were 100s of stories on this site about Peter Moore when he left MS.


but seriously who cares now , he gone he gone....everybody leaves there job to try out different shiiii...He found it not challenging anymore ,,,15 years first to go save some company thats in the toilet right now...i would have did the same thing....pull ATARI out of the shi..hole and you become legendary....Its not like he is the one making the game....

xhi44009d ago

is damn lucky.

Maybe this is a new era for Atari. Who knows

Iamback4009d ago

If he left Sony to go to Atari.....than i am speechless. Its like trading Stallion (horse) for a dying donkey.

HeavyweightInTheGame4009d ago

If they need better upper management, there is no wrong in hiring upper management from Sony if it will improve the company. But I do understand your point as he will be losing some of his prestige that he is known for through working with Sony.

Iamback4009d ago

One man can't save Atari, even if that man is Phil. Atari is sinking ship and no one can save it. I predict that in next 12 months some big publisher is going to acquire Atari because they financially can't handle it any more...they need support from big publisher like EA, Activision, UbiSoft.

Phil maybe deserved head position in SCEE intead of Hirai but he was "God" in Sony, he is one of people that gave "birth" to playstation...he made Sony first party into what it is today, so to trade all that for Atari is extremely stupid. Sure first it has to happen, maybe those are all rumors but if it does happen, than all i can say "What the Hell, Phil!?"

MailMan4009d ago

Sony gamers feel no HATE nor VENGEANCE towards their departing Executive,we wish Phil Harrison the very BEST in all his future endeavors,and hope that one day,Mr.Harrison will TEAM up once again with the GREAT Kaz Hirai and bless Playstation gamers with ANOTHER interesting project.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

KidMakeshift4008d ago

Why would he join a publisher that's about to go bankrupt or possibly bought out?

Iamback4008d ago

Conspiracy theory is that he went there to set up everything so Sony can buy them :)

KidMakeshift4008d ago

Atari doesn't have anything, lol

Dragonball Z is all I can think of, but Bandi Namco is going to get ahold of it eventually

The_Firestarter4008d ago

Actually Atari has Alone in the Dark!

Salvadore4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I personally believe he should either start his own gaming industry called Philastic Entertainments or work for Eat, Sleep or whatever its called.

Rybnik4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Atari could be Sony's back up plan, if they lose Rock* I know that sounds insane with no context so here is the info:
MS will ultimately purchase EA once Take 2 is under the EA umbrella thus, Sony MUST buy Rock* to keep the future GTA's that were exclusively promised, otherwise they are screwed. Maybe they already are and the Harison to Atari and then ultimately back to the Sony umbrella after aquisition is the contingency plan....Alone in the Dark is quite an innovative looking title...hmmm.

Slightly off topic but Gamesblow (sorry..I mean Lamback) this is a plug for you, he is real way more so than Surfer moron..don't believe me check the blog and do it soon all future info will be private. He has been forced underground. The EA info I just gave is on the next page after the link I supplied.
Here is the link to everything

Good luck Sony and Atari. Honestly I hope Sony Keeps Rock* otherwise they will lose Red Dead revolver 2 as well....

KidMakeshift4008d ago

EA will never sell itself
It's too busy buying everything else

It's like the Viacom of the game industry

Rybnik4006d ago

I was quite misinformed, Lamback is NOT GB. I am sorry for perpetuating this idea. I still think that GB's site sould be visited by anyone who is interested in advance knowledge for things likely to happen.

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