Hey, Watch Dogs Sneakily Showed Off The First Instance of PS4 Multiplayer Last Night

"Watch Dogs came out of cover last night and Ubisoft's open-world hacking game had a strong showing that built on the buzz of its surprise unveiling at last year's E3. Among the things announced about Watch Dogs was the fact that it would be debuting first on PS4."-Kotaku

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Root3135d ago

Well if it's like that hopefully I can set my game to private so I won't get morons invading my game

fooltheman3134d ago

You can always play offline... maybe they make settings for it.

ItsMeAgain3134d ago

Or maybe you can set it to friends only ;]

SamPao3134d ago

just like in demon souls, thats awesome

kingmushroom3134d ago

yeah i killed invading noObs that though they where so cool lol

Spoon_3134d ago

Its just on this website basement dwellers "wants no contact with the real world just wAnts to play fantasy of game by self" everyone else is excited that we get to play with our friends and talk to and meet people all around the world on our ps4. I'm tired of seeing these lame excuses just tell the truth you guys despise this because you have no sense of a social life and want to keep living your fantasy life in these games.

SP3333D-O3134d ago

But I WANT to be a special snowflake when I sit down to play! :)

Psychotica3134d ago

"What we saw was another player jumping into the game and affecting a certain part of the gameplay…"

Fuuuuccckkkkkk!!, that sucks!! I hope there will be a way to stop that..

Blackdeath_6633134d ago

i don't understand why people are so agianst online and interacting with other people. many other people in the internet are complaining about the social features of the ps4 and it connecting to social networks if you want to be in complete seclusion and play entirely alone by yourself feel free to turn it off or not connect to your social network no reason to bitch about it. obviously there's a way to stop it if you don't play online then it won't happen but keep in mind he said you are not alone whether in single player or multiplayer so it is pretty much part of the game

Root3134d ago

Thats what we want to there a way to turn it off without having to turn our PSN/Live off.

People are against it because most of us like games where it's just us. If we want to interact with people we would play a full online game like COD or Halo.

Psychotica3134d ago

Why? Because I don't want some annoying 12 year old brat in my game. I don't want to listen to them and I sure as shit don't want to talk to them. Most importantly I don't want them interfering with whatever I am trying to do. After working all day I have had enough of being social, I don't need anymore.

SamPao3134d ago

wow are you serious? just pull the plug.... I mean come on.... You seriously think that this is not optional? ....

Psychotica3134d ago

Ever play Dark Souls on PC? Can't be human and prevent others from invading your game world

wolokowoh3134d ago

There is always a way to stop this kind of stuff from happening. Either disconnect your internet from PS4, cut it from the game(like Demon Souls and Journey lets you do), or learn to deal with it because it likely a big draw to the game. Even though they started with the story intro to Watch Dogs, the multiplayer and social integration have been key points Ubisoft have hitting from the first time it was demoed.

Psychotica3134d ago

See my comment above about Dark Souls

wolokowoh3134d ago

@Psychotica Ok I see your point but there are really easy work arounds for that though. Create a local profile for GFWL, which is essentially offline mode. Use it with playing Dark Souls. Problem solved. It's a not even problem on the console version, because there's an offline mode. If that wouldn't work you could always disconnect your router for second to make the go into offline mode because it won't just jump into online mode if you reconnect it while you are playing.

bluetoto3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

You simply are failing to see the bigger issue which is wanting to play the game with friends ala co-op without some douchbag jumping into our game of fun turning it into a PvP match.

If I wanted PvP I'd play one of the many fighting games with better/more fighting options. These people would too if they had any real skill.

One of the main things I hate about the soul games is wanting to enjoy some nice co-op and here comes some Igeek who only can feel good about himself by causing others grief. It's sadistic and they should seek help before it gets worse.

One shouldn't have to go offline just to avoid these lil pricks.

Hope they fix that in the next one.

They should have separate servers like PvE and PvP so those that just want to enjoy the game with friends can do so and those seeking Iglory can play with other Igeeks seeking the same inane experience.

Philoctetes3134d ago

Loved this mechanice in the Demon's Souls / Dark Souls series. Glad to see other franchises picking it up.

SP3333D-O3134d ago

I like the idea as an OPTION, but I HATED not being able to prevent it in Dark Souls. Having to disconnect the NIC or intentionally die after lighting a bonfire was stupid. I want to enjoy my game without a cheater or better player ruining it.

r213134d ago

Oh man, this will just bring the inner troll in all of us XD

Blackdeath_6633134d ago

yep i can just imagine watching someone driving happily on his way to completing a mission then BAM barricades are up and the car flips over like a pancake.

d0nT wOrrY3134d ago

That would be freaking amazing don't you think :D
I'm so so excited about the next gen!!!

paul19743134d ago

can you hack a hacker! who then hacks you back???? a constant hacking battle! it would seem a cool idea that people can mess with your life in the game as much as having the game provide task as well? much more real life if say you were after buying something and then another mp person game in to outbid you? it messes with your mind what could be done.