Opinion: No, I Don't Want to Have Sex with You

Whether it's one of those lonely guys who think Xbox LIVE is a dating service, or someone who feels the need to "protect" a girl from all of those other big, bad fraggers out there, guys simply don't seem to understand one simple thing: Sometimes a girl just wants to play the damn game.

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Lord Anubis4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

that's xbox live for you. She either could have a racist lad hitting on her or those 3 year olds screaming obscenities.

socomnick4005d ago

Xbox live is more mature than you might think. The only reason people target xbox live is because they have the most people talking since the xbox comes with a mic. When I played Cod 4 there was 1 person in the whole room of 12 people with a mic thats just shameful.

Siesser4005d ago

I have a mic, but don't use it in COD4 because for the most part, I've yet to be in a tactical match where it was useful. As of late, the biggest use for it was turning it on and tossing it somewhere so that I don't have to hear teammates talking/cursing/singing like idiots while I play. In warhawk, I always use my headset though, because there's always information to be conveyed. Not saying there aren't the same kind of people on there, but the teams are bigger, they can be muted, and there's an actual NEED to talk, since all I play is Zones.

Genuine4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Yeah Anubis, Xbox Live is to blame for the male sex drive. Geez, give it rest kid. I suppose everything is peachy on PSN though right? I feel sorry for you people when Home becomes known as a perverts playground.

The internet is a toilet kid, it doesn't matter what brand name it has, there is sh*t floating around no matter where you go.

Adriokor4005d ago

Yes actually to my knowledge PSN is better, more expensive = less kids or loosers :)

Genuine4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

The stupidity in the comments and disagree/agree part of this story should be submitted as news. The problems you people are complaining about has little to nothing to do with online gaming service you use, and it has everything to do with the human condition. N4G is just as bad if not worse than any online gaming experience I've had, as far as a-holes and idiots go. It's simple really, anyone, anywhere, at anytime can be a jerk and the internet is just a door people can hide behind while they do it. Pretending that the internet is somehow different while your online is naive and rather foolish.

Nathaniel_Drake4005d ago

Yeah isn't a microphone enabled game open season on everyone. I mean you do meet some nice people, but you will encounter the occasional social misfit.

Isn't the universal thing to do is to mute the mic?

I don't know if this female knows it, but if your any race you are going to get offended, so we are in the same boat my lady.

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toughNAME4005d ago

I do have a few females on my friends list and I know first hand some of the sh!t they have to go through.

Racism and homophobia are mostly younger kids. But women get a hard time from everyone of all ages.

Shame on you, humanity

notsonice4005d ago

So you are someone who feels the need to "protect" a girl from all of those other big, bad fraggers out there?

omoshiroi4005d ago

Sorry, I didn't read article. <<lazy [email protected]

On raciscm I find HUGE anti Americanism from English 'kiddies' on COD4, which saddens me as I was born there. And I hear American kids ( I hope kids) being so racist it makes me sick. Like last night for example, all I could hear was "white power! f()ck off nigger! KKK! etc..."

As a foot note though, I have been called a 'cracka muthaf()kka!' by some black guys, which is also wrong, but it did not want me to yell racist crap back.


toughNAME4005d ago

ALL online multiplayer games need to have a mute system similar to Halo 3's



Most of the anti-americanism I hear is from...Americans

sl0w-m04005d ago

CoD 4 is full of retards. For comparison, I have been playing Halo 3 on Xbox Live for much longer, and I can count all the times I've dealt with annoying or immature people. However, on CoD 4, which i've still just started playing, it seems like every other game is full of people like this. Maybe it's because CoD 4 is the most popular game now on Xbox Live, but i'm not sure

socomnick4005d ago

Yea dude cod 4 has a lot more retarded community. Every single game you play on cod 4 you encounter morons.

thisguywithhair4005d ago

My favorite are the idiots that stand around and do nothing in Search and Destroy and then b!tch and moan that are the last one left and have to face everyone by themselves while also complaining about how if everyone was a better player we would win more often.

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xhi44005d ago

some of the posters are so......foul to say the least.

its embarrassing.

mccomber4005d ago

I was thinking the same thing reading through comments over there. Just further proof of how many asshats are on the internet, and backs up a lot of what she says.

iamtehpwn4005d ago

I'll Admit, I do this.
When I know a girl is playing, Especially on Halo, I'll Teabag her SO much. I can't help it.

Though, I don't hit on the girls when I play them. If I know I'm playing against them, I make sure to Pwn Them extra hard.

littletad4005d ago

Heartless, L, utterly heartless.

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