The single best feature of the DS

Geekpulp ponders about the DS and what is its one feature that deserves the most praise and attention.

"I picked up New Super Mario Bros to relive some of the good old NES days, and because of the download play option for multiplayer I grabbed another DS for my Wife"

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socomnick3882d ago

For me the single best feature is the long battery life.

The Snake3882d ago

I like the fact that you can fold it in half and carry it in your pocket without a case and you don't have to worry about scratching the screens.

BloodySinner3882d ago

...but you'll be scratching the case. I know this from personal experience. =(

ohhthegore3882d ago

thats why screen protectors were invented

ohhthegore3882d ago

Best feature for me was that it got my gf to finally start playing video games

Kyrue3882d ago

This guy recommends Pictochat, that just made me laugh lol. It's a pointless chat application that is built into the DS, and can only be used if another DS is within range. Pointless unless you know another person will be using it at the same time.

MaJiKaLL3882d ago

best feature has to be the m3ds, r4, etc.

Then i can play any game i wnt of the net! even playin games before they are released!.

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