9.5/10 for God of War: Chains of Olympus from GamerNode

God of War: Chains of Olympus may not be as good as the two regular God of War games, but it's still easily the best game available on the PSP. The fact that it's even being compared seriously to arguably two of the best PS2 games of all time is testament to how well Ready at Dawn handled this title. For anyone with a PSP it's a must own title.

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MK_Red4190d ago

Kratos does it again, become the best game (Graphically and gameplay wise) on the system it's on. Hopefully they don't rush GOW3 and instead, keep working on it until it becomes the best looking and best playing game of this gen.

vloeistof4189d ago

ghost of sparta ftw.

so kratos is from sparta ....
just like those guys from 300 :)

gambare4189d ago

I hope it could directed by miller/del toro

Homicide4189d ago

Another great score for God of War. The game is almost out. Can't wait!

Guwapo774189d ago

I want this game but not sure if I can spend $40 for 5 hours. But with scores that have all been 9s/10s+ or 4.5/5+...I just might have to rethink that purchase.

snoopgg4189d ago

then anything the wi has out right now.... Go get it.