Every known Wii Ware title previewed

Cherub-faced Ninty president Iwata promises that over one hundred WiiWare titles are in development - quite a feat when you note that in the two years Xbox Live Arcade has been running only 113 titles have been released.

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blynx1823887d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more from the creator.

MK_Red3887d ago

Wow, I wasn't following WiiWare titles thinking they are all amature and shallow super casual crap but there are some seriously awesome and promising games there. I have now some faith in WiiWare's potential.

l Drop Dead Ed l3887d ago

Do you think that once the WiiWare launches Nintendo is going to pull out their bigger VC titles? Maybe once WiiWare comes out you're going to see a lot more 64 games and SNES games from Nintendo's catalog that were a very big hit/culture hit.

wiizy3886d ago

the wii is where the money is at and developers are realizing that.

BrotherNick3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I was trying to figure out why bomberman land wii wasn't online -_-; They thought to sell it as a separate game. Eternity's Child, Dr Mario, and Bomberman will be my first 3 titles. I wish they'd put Worms somewhere here.