Will The PS4 Sabotage PlayStation Home And Its User Base?

" writes-- So why is it then that Home didn’t make an appearance at yesterday’s PlayStation 4 event? meanwhile the entire event was being broadcasted in virtual theaters inside PlayStation, where the servers struggle with the amount of people cramming in there. It’s hard to imagine Sony walking away from a concept that not only has made them money, but also has a pretty loyal following such as the Home crowd, but especially because they’ve finally acquired the technology to make it 10 times better than it is now."

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DaThreats3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

No, it will instead revolutionize.

Cupid_Viper_33574d ago

I'm really hoping that you're right about that. I don't use Home a lot in it's current form, but only because it not as seamless as I would like it to be. But plenty of people use it and it would suck if they drop it, especially when the technology is finally here.

Larry L3574d ago

I'm with you. I was an avid user of Home from Closed beta right through to like early 2012. I love it, I think it's a great and highly under-rated place for gamers. And in my time using it I probably spent about $100 or so, that's how much I enjoyed it. But I just got sick of all the loading, and random locking up. Not to mention certain groups of people who use the service. Weirdos is putting it VERY kindly for some of them.

But that said, Home is a huge money maker for Sony. I'm sure it's not making the kind of money it was a couple years ago, but still, they get money for digital items it literally costs them almost nothing to produce aside from employees they'd be paying anyway.

Sony is not going to abandon Home for PS4, and in fact I actually think they showed a peek at the PS4 version of Home in that press conference last night. In one of the still screens they had up while talking, they showed some generic "avatar" just standing there in a Wardrobe type room, and I think there were even some unreadable menus around the screen as well.

I instantly thought that was the new Home for PS4, no one else caught that? It sure could have been something else, but it LOOKED like Home to me.

lovegames7183574d ago

Alot of ppl use home (i hardly dont) because when ever i go in a see hundreds on roaming around. Ps4 will further cement "Home" and lets not forget it was home and near that miiverse copied from. It will once again become something ppl will want to mimic off of.

Trenta273574d ago

Home has a user base? News to me...

Cupid_Viper_33574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

That's why it's good to educate yourself. Back in Sony reported some 19 million Users.

whoyouwit043574d ago

yea I think home is pretty much dead.

MysticStrummer3574d ago

Are you as misinformed about everything, or just certain topics?

battlegrog3574d ago

The only way Home would work on PS4 .Is if its completely re done from the crap ps3 version and have it streaming off gaikai.

FragGen3574d ago

If home has 19m users as Cupid_viper_3 had said, it will probably be worth their while to do a native port of it. It sounds like it generates some significant in app purchases (i.e. income), too.

It's not like nobody has ever ported anything between a PS3 and an x86-based box.

So if it is financially lucrative compared to the cost of porting it, I'd expect it to be ported at some point.

NYC_Gamer3574d ago

Home isn't even out of beta yet the service could expand on PS4

Larry L3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I guess you and alot of other people who constantly say this same thing, about "Home's not even out of beta yet after all these years,...blah blah blah....", aren't "in on the gag".

Let me explain it to you and them as simplay as I can. Home will NEVER come out of beta. How could it? It's an ever evolving world. Every week they are testing and adding new content and it's never going to stop evolving. It will never be "finalized", it will never be a full game, yet it so much more. Regardless of a Sony employee casually saying things like "yeah, eventually it will come out of beta.", it will ALWAYS be a beta and they basically stated as much early on. They only changed that official stance when they were being criticised for it not coming out of "beta".

Maybe it was a small mistake to keep that "beta" there after the service went public......but it's not really a mistake......... it's an inside joke amongst the original user-base (and the people who run it) about how it will never stop evolving. If the term beta is ever taken off Home, it will basically only be because of new people running it, or because of pressure from Sony to remove the term because of pressure from critics of the service such as yourself.

Do you people ever get tired of ruining everyone else's fun? LOL jk......kinda

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