Wii's Jumper gets 1.75/10 in extremely short review from Game Informer

To all the truck drivers out there who are transporting copies of Jumper: Griffin's Story to retail, please redirect your shipments to Alamogordo, New Mexico. You'll know you are in the right location when you see thousands of E.T. cartridges moving out of the way to make room for your shipment.

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thePatriot4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

they charged 49 99 for it while Okami will be sold for 39 99. thats a crime against humanity.
I guess it comes with the territory of being the hoottest casual friendly colsole outthere.
I think ps3 is saved by its more hard core owners who wont buy this crap so they dont make that crap on ps3. also even if ps3 was outselling the wii, you cant make this on the ps3. place it next to uncharted and it will look 10000 worse. becauze of the ps3 power, you either put money in it and make a quality game or dont make it at all.
If you are going to make a movie based game on ps3 you need to start early. start making that game before they even think about making the movie. example start making god of war game. then later on make the movie and release it at the same time.

season0074661d ago

The cover artist for the game is the main course...or the BAIT.....
i mean Wii developers just want to put a cute and kiddy cover on a whatever game then sell it on like 0.1% of all consoles sold and make some money...

It is like...hell, i say they are more like cheating money than making money

TheWickedOne4661d ago

Not the first 1ish/10 score for a game on the Wii.

MK_Red4661d ago

But it must be the first from Game Informer. They usually go with 2 and 3/10 at worst.

MK_Red4661d ago

Well, games based on good movies turn out to be crap. This game is based on a bad movie...

tweaker4661d ago

this is pretty embarrassing.

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The story is too old to be commented.