Engadget: Apple "actively courting" Sony for slot-loading Blu-ray drives?

Engadget reports that the latest says that Apple is actively pressing Sony for slot-loading BD-R drives but quality control issues are gumming up the plan. Reportedly, this latest ho-hum MacBook Pro refresh was to feature BD-R drives, but all Sony could muster up were Blu-ray / DVD±RW drives, which Apple refused. That seems a little odd, frankly -- now that the format war is over and the competition's already shipping mid-range laptops with slot-load BD-R drives, you'd think Apple would want to cash in that Blu-ray Disc Association membership card with whoever can supply the drives.

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JoelR4004d ago

I have troubles believing that they are having quality control issues on Sony slot loading Blu-ray drives...
You would think that the slot load drive that is used in the PS3 would be of sufficient quality to be used in Macbooks. If it isn't good enough for the laptop it would not be good enough for a console due to the fact a slot loading mechanism in a console is used significantly more often then it would be in a Notebook.

darkness within4004d ago

You have to consider that a ps3 is larger and has more room than a macbook pro.