[Rumor] Playstaion 3 will be launched in Brazil

So unexpected information that the Playstation 3 will be launched in Brazil reached us in

A source revealed 100% reliable in Sony's plans in Brazil to bring the console to the national market

The announcement will be made by the company in April, when they also announce the plans to sell the console as a player of Blu-Ray.

As the Playstation 3 is the player of Blu-Ray cheapest of the company you plan to sell it in Brazil with a remote control and perhaps with one or more films in the package.

The games will be in the background for the company, at least during the initial phase of the console in Brazil. The releases should be here only first party titles and not of price information for the games.

An information that should animate the gamers of Brazil is that the company could produce the discs of games in the national territory (as are those of PC games), now that Sony has produce Blu-Rays of movie in the free zone of Manaus.

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TheWickedOne4189d ago

If it is indeed true, good marketing on the part of Sony.

Lord Anubis4189d ago

Sony needs a Sony of Latin America. They are way behind on Nintendo in that perspective.


3 weeks ago the Sony head in Brazil has spoken that they was in conversations with SCEI so they can have PS3 over here, since there is now also market for BD Players.

The other huge thing pointed by Sony Brazil president was exactly the fact that Brazil is now with digital inclusion programs and law projects to reduce taxes over electronic games, so it can be a good place to have PS3 being entering Latin America or maybe even being produced here, and distributed to all the Latin America (there is the Mercosul alliance that makes business free of taxes between some Latin America countries).

Other good reason to move to Brazil is that we can use the same model/specifications from Mexico, BD A1, DVD 4, US/NTSC games.

pwnmaster30004189d ago

good another place they will dominate the 360


They already do it... The 360 is officially released here, but this is high priced (today it costs R$ 2499, almost 1200 USD), low marketed, no Live, old games bundled (still Kameo, PGR3 and PDZ!) and the original Xbox here was a huge failure. There is people over orkut telling that have gone into some stores and asked for X360, people doesn't even know what is it, a guy said that the saleswoman asked if this was some kind of mobile.

I worked sometime on videogame stores and have friends that also own/work in those. There isn't even consensus if the Wii is outselling PS3, even with only original games on PS3 (we all know that the major problem here was piracy).

PS3 can make huge success here, maybe even extend that to other countries over South America, specially if they can product games over here. But if they price the console like MS have done, people will continue to import it. You can get a PS3 here by about 850 USD today, lets see hou Sony will lead it.

Roblord4182d ago

I own a PS3 and a XBOX360. And both are easy to find in the stores here in Brazil, as well as the Wii. Even thought officially launched in Brazil, 360 is high priced. Imports are cheaper. But if you ask any retailer here about the PS3:XBOX360 sell ratio, the answer you will have is that 360 sells 3-5 times more than the PS3.
Like the PS3 when you live in the US and create a Japanese account to access they PSN content, here you can create a US XOBX LIVE account to play on line and etc in the 360.
The original XBOX did not make a big success in the last gen. And it was not only here.
PS3, Wii and XBOX 360 all can make huge success here. Latin America is great potential market only waiting to be explored in the digital entertainment area. And there is high demand. The problem is that with the high price of the imports as well as the absence of factories to produce the consoles here in Latin America, people buy pirated games.

There are a lot of other questions like government taxes and a more effective fight against piracy, but it could be done.

xaphanze4189d ago

isnt it out there already?I go to brasil every summer and I've seen it in shops and sites,but for a very high price.


It's not official launched, but yes, you can find it here, easier than a X360 or a Wii. PS2 is the reason for that.

MCW4189d ago

I´m from Brazil. I don´t understand English very well, sorry for any mistakes.

Yes, you can find PS3 in Brazil in various shops and sites ( but imported ), but it has not been officially launched here yet.

If this rumor is confirmed, it will be a great news for the Brazilian Playstation fans.

And, in addition, the XBOX 360 has been officially launched in Brazil for more than a year.

whoelse4189d ago

That English was perfect ;)

xaphanze4189d ago

This explains the insane prices.

newneto4189d ago

but I often travel to the US. Is the only way to pay fair prices for PS3 games.

I hope this is true so the Brazilian will find PS3 games for less than $100.

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The story is too old to be commented.