GTA4 to use Sixaxis, s possible MMPOG GTA plus new Info

From April edition of EGM:

Sam Houser - "Its Official, Im American now...I can now vote but for anyone but Hillary Clinton. I love America."

The Sixaxis will be used in GTA4 but in a way thats done Right.

A possible MMPOG GTA in the future. May be subscription based.

Beat up cars will eventually stall, leaving you to flee on foot.

Tired will shred apart when they are shot.

Ps3 Version will have warmer colors while the 360 version will have more vibrant colors.

Tap Up on the D-pad brings up the Cell phone. Up a second time brings up the key pad.

There are several different cell phones you gain through out the game. the basic has contacts, organizer, camera, and multiplayer mode. The MP3 version is obtained later in the game.

You can kill anyone and everyone, even your contacts.

Theres a conservative talk station called WKTT (We Know the Truth). This is making fun of Rush limbaugh and will have those red stater rants that was recorded from real fans that called in doing that time period R* was taking calls from fans.

DJ Lazlow Returns

Bloggers play some form in the game.

The old GTA cheat codes we come to love seem to have returned.

You can drop grenades out of the vehicle while driving. you can also "cook" the grenades.

R* is really getting into episodic downloads. may see some for the PS3 version.

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power of Green 4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

That worthless gameplay from that controller is still boasted about?. Some of the things in this post don't even make any sense.

I'll take this with a gr.... nah forget it *scoops sponefuls of salt in mouth*

TheExecutive4190d ago

there are actually some really good uses to the sixaxis.

The Killer4190d ago

it can be used for driving(maybe not the best idea but good to be optional)
it can be used for flying airplanes or helicopters etc
it can be used in fighting and avoiding bullets or punches etc!!

if the devs put their mind into it then they can make some cools things!

socomnick4190d ago

I would agree with you killer but the problem is the Sixaxis is not very responsive no way near as responsive as the Wiimote. The Sixaxis feature seems tacked on an not very well though out.

gambare4190d ago

you are going to play the 360 version, so, why do you care?

rofldings4190d ago

I find the sixaxis a bit more worthwhile than an rrod while shooting some cops in GTA4.

At least, I'll be able to play more than 10% of the game every x weeks it takes to get your 360 back.

Have fun.

TheExecutive4190d ago

lol @ socom... the sixaxis can be incredibly sensitive.

Ri0tSquad4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I bet the only reason you think Six Axis "sucks ass" is because Lair blowed using it and your sad emotional attachment to Microsoft. I bet you never played a game using it and your just basing your always garbage biased opinions off someone elses and running with it. So lame. You have no credibility at all.

Stubacca4189d ago

Dude, you never know what you're talking about.

The Sixaxis is very usefull in many games such as Resistance. It's a unique gameplay feature that when you are tagged or on fire you shake the pad to become free.

In skilled hands, the sixaxis is phenomenal. It's not perfect but it works well in many a game. However some games DO seem to use it just to have it in there.

But neither the sixaxis or the wiimote will ever be perfect, they can't track the contollers movement as a 3D representation on the screen. But it's still better to have it than not...

JD_Shadow4187d ago

You obviously haven't played Heavenly Sword yet, have you?

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LSDARBY4190d ago

W00t for SIXAXIS support, i really didnt expect them to use it.

xhi44190d ago

WOOT for dlc for PS3!

remember Phill Harrison (when he was at sony.....god bless his soul lol) said that he was working hard with rockstar on extra content that wuold remain secret for now.



eagle214190d ago

We just heard the amazing things some first party Sony titles will do with Home. GTA IV? I hope!

Stubacca4189d ago

Sixaxis or no sixaxis...

Pay-to-play DLC or no Pay-to-play DLC...

I'd still much rather play it on the sexy, shiny black box. When I play the greatest franchise in the whole wide world, I wanna be playing it on superior hardware thanks.

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power of Green 4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Not going to believe anything coming from PSU-like websites. Many desperate Sony fans will be making things up I'll wait for real info from trustworthy sources.

Warm vs vibrant?, they look slightly washed out and faded vs not as washed out and faded to me, powdered vs a little deeper is more like it..

Sixaxis is a halfed assed Wiimote its worthless in my opinion.

pwnmaster30004190d ago

most of those stuff is already happening like flying look at warhawk and driving yeah thats been done to so he is right

rofldings4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

360 is a half-assed console; its worthless in my opinion.

ruibing4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

All this from a desperate 360 fan, I'm not convinced. I don't understand why you group PS3 fans together like that; I don't group other 360 fans with you...

HarryEtTubMan4190d ago

lmao Power of Green is SOOO jealous and desperate... PS3 versionis better... and Rockstar has CLEARLY said they prefer Sony platforms... even saying this is the reason Sony is getting 2 Exclusives while the RRODbox gets ZERO.

Sony didn't have to pay for their DLC to add onto this 100+ hour game either. LMAO Power of Green you are a tool and willl be continue to lose becduase u support the crapiest defective console that only has a couple good games because its twice as old as the PS3. LMAO. Get over it fool. Your console is a P.O.S and no one is buying it. Six axis and free DLC for the win baby!!! PS3 FTW!!!

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4190d ago
pwnmaster30004190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

"R* is really getting into episodic downloads. may see some for the PS3 version."
hahahahahahahaha the only thing the xbots had for an excuse hahahahahaah, but wat i dont get is that xbots say "yeah we have the full game of gta" but is an extra so is not really the full game and plus that excuse sucks cus we got 2 exclusive form R*

i dont know about you guys but 2 exclusive game is better then 2 dlc

Ariexv4190d ago

You lost your exclusive games the moment EA decided to buy Take Two.

pwnmaster30004190d ago

if you give me proof that there is no more 2 exclusive for ps3 from R* then i believe u but for now stfu

MailMan4190d ago

One of the BIGGEST multiplatform games of 2008 has been CONFIRMED to play and look BETTER on the Playstation 3 entertainment system due to using the REVOLUTIONARY features of the AWARD WINNING SixAxis controller and having WARM visuals thanks to the INDUSTRY PRAISED Cell processor.

Xbots are FOREVER stuck with a controller so SHAMEFUL it makes Britney Spears ANTICS look ANGELIC,no wonder the Xbot Defense Association are ALREADY at work-trying and FAILING to prove their HORRENDOUS controller is ON PAR with Sony's AWARD WINNING SixAxis controller.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

Iamback4190d ago

Since it is April issue i am kind a reserved.

Hydrollex4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

PS3 less JAGGIES !!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

and is it that hard if change RGB to full to have vibrant colors ?


less jaggies
warmer colors
Free online
Dualshock 3

PS3 for me !

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