Is Gears of War Better Than Halo?

Two heroes. Two evil alien races. Two sweeping sci-fi universes. Two battles for humanity's survival. Two franchises. Two multiplayer kings. Two best-selling, megaton-popular action games beloved by consumers and celebrated by critics. Two shooters competing for the title of Xbox 360 champion.

The Halo and Gears of War series are both incredible, but in a world of internet trolls and blind fanboy allegiance, only one can be crowned. So, in an effort to declare a final victor - or at least ignite a flame war - GamesRadar Editors Charlie Barratt and Chris Antista put aside all professional objectivity and fair minded rationality for a bloody (and juvenile) battle royale.

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sonarus4193d ago

halo is alright i just hate the hype it gets in my opinion its not as good as the media makes you believe. Gears of war 1 was essentially a revolutionary game so i give it to gears

LSDARBY4193d ago

Theyre both great games, but way overhyped. As if theyre the best games to be released EVER. Which they aint.

socomnick4193d ago

lsd if they werent so great why would they be featured everywhere.
Gears and Halo are the best in their categories.

pharmd4193d ago

i dont think either one is "awful"... but this goes back to why are we always comparing FPS with TPS? i think gears has better online play but they both have their moments

LaChance4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Gears of War solo is WAY better than Halo
Halo multiplayer is the best fps multiplayer with COD 4.

wow4u4193d ago


Well, the professional game press disagrees with you.

H1 97/100
H2 95/100
H3 94/100

GeoW 94/100

All recieved many Game of the Year awards.

Hate all you want, but these are as good a candidate for Best Ever as we've seen in recent years.

CallOfWar224193d ago

tired of getting pawned n blaming the games for it. I bet ur a champ at guitar hero n rock band. Ur pathetic. How can u hate on gears. U don't deserve to own a system.

Lacarious4193d ago

don't be sad sony fanboys... in due time, maybe when ps4 hits, you might have games equal in gaming goodness.

power of Green 4193d ago

Don't worry about him he goes out of his way to announce he simple hates everything MSFT doesn't have to make sense or be based from personal experiance. Its just spam, awful? if you played them they wouldn't be calling Halo 3 and GOW awful, awful is a flop IMO you just don't like them or hate on them which is most likely the case. I would say I do not like the MGS games I wouldn't call MGS4 awful although its possible due to the game not being out.

Stubacca4193d ago

They're not quite awful, but they aren't THAT great either. Gears of War owns Halo 3 but it's hardy

And who gives a toss about what the "professional press" say? Everyone has an agenda.

Gears of war is hardly "revolutionary" but I have to say it is a great experience and well worth buying.

Halo 3 however, shows us exactly how deluded fans rally behind a corporate device that doesn't make better use of it's intellectual property. Halo COULD have been something epic. But all it turned out to be was overhyped garbage...

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lodossrage4193d ago

I've been saying from the moment gears of war came out that MS needs to make gears its new 1st flagship franchise. And after seeing halo 3, I'm even more certain that gears of war needs to take its rightful place as MS's new number 1 franchise

blacsheep4193d ago

on what halo

gears is better than halo3

but halo 1 is one of the best fps's i have ever played so is gears better than halo 1? no

Shankle4193d ago

Wow, you clearly haven't played many FPSs. Halo 1 was incredibly repetetive and uninventive. One of the best examples of cut and paste level design around.
The gameplay was decent, but the game for me was average at best.Compare it to games like Half Life 1+2, Bioshock and COD4 and it falls flat on its face. Halo brought nothing new to gaming. What it did was bring something new to CONSOLE gaming.

Sayai jin4193d ago

@Shankle-Your not making much sense. Becuase you are comparing Halo 1 (released in 2001) to games that were released in 2007 and spawning through a whole new era of gaming.

Shankle4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

He said Halo 1 IS one of the best fpss he's ever played. If he had said it WAS one of the best, then I couldn't draw comparison with modern shooters, because he'd be implying it was one of the best at the time of its release, which is much more realistic.
Though I'm sure an older, more experienced gamer with a deeper knowledge of long past PC shooters could come up with a list of games that were better than Halo. I still say that Halo had very annoying level design which ruined it for me.

Plus I always found Timesplitters 2 way more fun :D though Halo had the edge over Timesplitters' multiplayer if you want a really competitive game. I prefer to have a laugh myself. MONKEYS!

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pwnmaster30004193d ago

ok gears of war was wack and halo 1,2 was hella good, but halo 3 was disappointing and gears 2 might (hope) will be better then gears 1, so there about even for now, but i think gears will be better then the halo franchise

Tru Enuff4193d ago

if gears of war so wack then y gears of war won 36 video game awards including game of the year shut the hell up man

wow4u4193d ago

Are you going to split hairs about 3rd/1st person view? Its an shooting/adventure game, roughly the same genre as SOCOM, MGS, CounterStrike, R&C and plenty of others.

The mechanics are very similar.

Stubacca4193d ago

Plus, both are iconic shooters that devoted fans love.

I'd love to have Gears of War for my PS3. It's a great game that's brilliant on your own or co-op with a bud. I'd still rather have Resistance 2. Or Haze for that matter.

ps360s4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

yes...Gears of War is better then Halo 3 in my opinion... Halo 3 was too much hype I guess.

Halo 1&2 was good! Halo 1 I played with my friends with 2 Xbox lol it was the best muilti game of its time. it was fun indeed.

Halo 2 I played at my friends too and completed it in co-op story and it was fun.

Halo 3 well was ok but just doesnt have that feel anymore.