Kotaku: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online Launched

Kotaku reports that yesterday marked the Japanese launch of KOEI's Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online. It's the first product produced by their Singapore branch, and it is (shockingly enough) an MMORPG set in Han Dynasty China. For now, it's a Japan-only release, to be followed by ' localized launches in select territories around the world.'

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Le-mo4186d ago

My brother love the Romance series. Koei bring this to consoles with online features and I'll gladly hand you my money.

INehalemEXI4186d ago

Wow Rot3K's MMO I gota try it.

Rikitatsu4186d ago

But wait.. Japan Only? :( :( :(

Cyrus3654186d ago

IT'll go to other terrorities, but nore sure if it'll come to North America...or europe... I guess if there is enough of a demand?

adalwolfe4186d ago

Yeah its a great series.. I don't know if there will be a north american release, i tried looking it up before but couldn't find anything.. it would help if I could speak any asian languages..

I did find screen shots of it though:

Appearantly you can find a video somewhere on their website located here:

... i couldn't find it... :(

Itachi4186d ago

in europe we have only ever had rot3k 8

thank god for the multi region ps3 i can now ship it in