Exclusive Playstation Home Screens Part 4: Virtual PSP

Today, dear readers, we present the fourth batch of Home screens - exclusive ones at that.

Feast your eyes on the virtual PSP. Nice Wallpapers, huh? Hope they release some of them for download on the PSN - the orange controller one is super-sweet.

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whoelse4006d ago

That PSP really does look slick in those pics.

poopsack4006d ago

I love the new gloss and reflection affect the virtual psp has now. Sweet. And in home it gets no fingerprints!

Clinton5144006d ago

When a bunch of other jerks who came before have already leaked the photos.

tweaker4006d ago

these clowns just want hits.

LinuxGuru4006d ago

It never ends does it?

Do you just spout negativity all day, Clinton?

eagle214006d ago

So, So, So Funkdafied!!!! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.