GameTrailers TV - Episode 106 - Chapter 1 to 4

GameTrailers TV presents Episode 106, in Chapter 1 Geoff talks with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell about plush additions to the Valve store and the possibility of Counter-Strike 2.

Chapter 2: Portal Possibilities
Geoff finds out the truth behind the cake and if there are other humans roaming around Aperture Science

Chapter 3: Left4Dead
Geoff talks to Project Lead Mike Booth about Left4Dead and Amanda rolls around LA in Gamecock's political, and furry, party bus.

Chapter 4: Lego Batman & TF2
The world exclusive Lego Batman gameplay trailer, a first look at TF2's new map and Gabe Newell talks about the future of Valve.

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ISA_Scum4193d ago

Gabe Newell is one fat bastard ain't he? Seriously dude, DIET. He's literally twice the man that interviewer is. Honest to God man, maybe try programming properly for the PS3 instead complaining about it all the time. The extra typing could do your fat ass some good! Take care of some of those extra calories! Glad an enternal EA developer fixed up the Orange Box for PS3, kinda embarrassing that oh great developer Valve gets shown up by EA isn't chubby?

lol, I'll just stop now. Hate that fat douchebag.