15 High Resolution DualShock 4 controller photos

We have seen leaked images of the DS4 Controller, but these photos are the official ones.
Compilation of 15 High Resolution photos.

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LackTrue4K2158d ago

looks almost perfect!!!
cant wait to hold one!!!

Kevin ButIer2158d ago

It looks really cool, I think its the perfect balance between something new and the beloved DS design... My only concern is how effective is going to be the touchpad, I hope it doesn't end as the sixaxis feature.

dalibor2158d ago

Simple. The mechanics of the touchpad can be used to open doors, locks, or doing a super move of some sort. Example to open a door you could use a button or if you want make a circle design on the pad(maybe 3 times around). Doors have a circle knob you know, in essence you do in fact make a twist with your wrists to open a door, hence a circular motion. It depends on the door though. Or in LBP3 you could draw a design and pop the game would create it.

Good_Guy_Jamal2158d ago

No way. You guys can't be serious. It looks cheap and unfinished.

dalibor2158d ago

Well if you are not pleased with this controller I think you can still use a DS3 with the PS4(not sure though). More options is a damn great thing if in fact that you can.

SilentNegotiator2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

It looks great, but the touchpad had better be clickable. Otherwise, without a select button, we're out an entire button (and, yes, "just one" button WOULD be a considerable issue - consider how many games use every button, including select)!

Tsar4ever012158d ago

Though looks not very ground breaking, It does indeed looks like it was designed to be more euro-dynamic and comfortable to the hands, and oh look, They appeared to have stretched the handles a wee-bit longer just like I suggested they should do.

To bad that the d-pad wasn't just like the dev-kit prototype pic they released last week. I preferred the d-pad to this official pad. And DAMN, still no "clear gel" d-pad & symbols buttons.

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Rainstorm812158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Why the vid with crappy music? Why not just 15 high res images of the DS4?

Seems like extra work for nothing

Edit: oh ok the vid made me not want to click to see if the were actual individual hi res pics

Hakoom2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

you want me to put rock music on controler images? :p
this suits more for electronics
the site has the images too if u are wondering btw
so i made both ;p

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Shadow Flare2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )


The console and pricing. And more games and details.

And Kaz

Gotta save something to deflate microsofts showing

dirthurts2158d ago

I personally look forward to seeing what MS has.
Sony seems to be really bringing the goods.
Can't imagine what the competition came up with.
Exciting times.
I've not been this excited since the PS2.

NateCole2158d ago

Well even more games from Sony will do that as well. Uncharted 4!!!

The great thing about having many hamny first party. You get many exclusive games.

Loki862158d ago

I despised the prototype, but this looks mean, sleek, and very sturdy. Bravo Sony!

starchild2158d ago

I agree. I think it looks ergonomic and well-built.

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