Xbox Live Arcade Sales, Week Ending 3/01/08 (Triggerheart = 7.2k)

VGChartz reports that this week, Triggerheart Excelica launched to decent numbers. Triggerheart Excelica is the 2nd ever Dreamcast game to come to the XBLA Service, with Rez HD being the first. Excelica beats previous $10 Schmup recordholder, Omega 5's debut of 6,000 units by a decent 20% increase.

However, like Omega 5, it was vastly frontloaded this week: it's debut sales on it's first day was almost 40% of the 3day week (which is rather high). Another major note: Japanese Xbox 360 users made up 40% of the entire Excelica userbase. In the case of Omega 5, it sold only to 14% Japanese users (which is well above the norm, as the JP userbase constitutes maybe 5% of the average XBLA purchase base).

Other notes:

-Sonic the Hedgehog reaches 250,000 Units
-N+ increased very well
-Rez HD finishes it's first month just shy of 100,000 units
-Chessmaster LIVE ends it's first month with almost 28,000 units.
-Poker Smash had a massive drop from last week: it shed 70% from last week. Fortunately, the game has still done very well with grossing $400,000 in 4 weeks.

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