Surfer Girl: Talks about Space Chimps, Left 4 Dead Dev Future Projects, and Road Rash Remake

Surfer girl writes:

1) The premiere name is licensed interactive entertainment, Brash Entertainment, exponentially progressed the medium yet again, RedTribe's Space Chimps title has taken the crown from Bullwinkle XBLA for the worst thing I have seen this year.

2) In addition to Left 4 Dead, the collective of sixteen or so known as Certain Affinity is working on two unannounced titles, at least one documenting their previously mentioned fascination with lighthearted exploits of swashbuckling, names floating around are Plunder and Pirate's Booty.

3) As previously mentioned, the last crack at a new Road Rash was a PS360 affair over at the now-defunct Warrington studio. Despite no new plans currently existing for another Road Rash, the prospect is being contemplated.

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niall773884d ago

EA to release new Madden game in the Fall.

Activision Rumored to be working on a new Tony Hawk game.

God of war III coming to PS3

DFresh3884d ago

Hail to the Chimps seemed to childish for my taste and Left 4 Dead just seems like a rip off of Resident Evil or Dawn of the Dead.
Sorry but I've seen better and plenty to look forward to for the PS3 this year and B3YOND.

Harry1903884d ago

left4dead is ugly,and it will just be
like jericho,even worse,a brainless shoot
fest with dozens of zombies running around.

IzKyD13313884d ago

why does surfer girl get so much hype everytime she(he?) posts a blog, we dont even know how accurate she is....

Shankle3884d ago

*sighs* i was hoping space chimps might have been a reference to timesplitters 4....