GamePolitics: Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2 Takeover Bid

Game Politics writes: Describing himself as a longtime Take Two shareholder, controversial attorney Jack Thompson has written to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello (and, naturally, cc'd several media outlets) with an offer to assist EA in its effort to acquire the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

In a long, rambling letter, Thompson spills most of his ink painting T2 boss Strauss Zelnick as a villain (which EA probably wouldn't disagree with, at least in the financial sense) and concludes with:

Jack Thompson: "I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two's corporate walls. In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way. Zelnick is the source of trouble headed Take-Two's way, not I, and EA can make the case, with my help, that such trouble can be avoided."

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George Washington4004d ago

this guy is completely retarded. if EA were to buy take 2 it wouldnt make a diffrence. GTA would still be as violent.. although it would be a way suckier game.

JoelR4004d ago

Hmm, This is yet another sign that the TT takeover by EA would be the end of a era...
If Thompson thinks something is good - there is something very wrong with the whole thing.

Jdash244004d ago

my exact thoughts when i read the headline

callahan094003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I remember EA with their high & mighty feelings about senseless violence, buying Virgin Interactive USA for the sole purpose of cancelling the publication of Thrill Kill. I wouldn't put it past them to work in tandem with J.Thompson to put a stop to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which I'm sure they find at least as despicable. EA working with JT to acquire T2 and kill GTA. Delightful...

Cyrus3654004d ago

LOL Thompson, I wonder what drove him over the edge, there must have been a point, where he just cracked.

LastDance4004d ago

This guy fails at life.

I bet he owns all 3 consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.