IGN Live Presents: The Future of PlayStation

Sony reveals its plans for the future of PlayStation, this is the pre-show.

Relientk774165d ago

I am so ready for this conference its crazy, driving me nuts

blackbeld4165d ago


Me too. Now sitting waiting and eat some chips.

Conzul4165d ago

Yup. I got pop and beef hotdogs for this one.

Cya on the other side, guys! =D

MAJ0R4165d ago

I haven't been following gaming news lately, so is this suppose to be the PS4 announcement?

starchild4165d ago

Yeah, Im so excited for this.

camel_toad4165d ago

Me too, anyone know the best site to watch it on? Was thinking I'd just try playstation.com but I'm worried it may get bogged down.

Blackdeath_6634165d ago

ign has a pretty smooth stream if you are willing to put up with the tomfoolery and lame commentary

JsonHenry4165d ago

Congratulations Playstation fans!! You've been upgraded to a gaming PC!!!

I sincerely mean that as the biggest compliment I've ever given any console to date.

Bathyj4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Remember where you were on this day.
For me, its at work. *SIGH*

DasBunker4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

I will remember this day as the day i replied to you in the comment section.

EDIT: About to start, can't wait.

brb streaming 240p cause that's all my internets capable of.

nix4165d ago

it's going to be 4:30 am... where i live. i'm excited too.

Roper3164165d ago

sorry my man, you will be there in spirit

Snake-eater4165d ago

the wait if finally over !!!

black9114165d ago

I'll watch the gametrailers Stream.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34165d ago

Yeah, ign's isn't working for me. And...PS4 is real...

ForzaGT4165d ago

let the next generation begin