Rumor: Bungie Developing Lego Halo?

A forum post up on shows a scan from EGM revealing Bungie's next project: Lego Halo!

Bare in mind that this is the April issue... So, i'll let you figure that out. ;)

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Kugar773978d ago

to appeal to the hardcore and casual markets, we'll see how that works out. kinda tired of halo games but lego halo isn't a baad idea, it just feels kinda misleading for mothers of kids who might buy this thinking its a kid-friendly series. i hope its fake

Panthers3978d ago

April Issue = April fools. This was in another story and already it already said April Fools.

TheSadTruth3978d ago

they really shouldnt do the april fools in the april issue... just because no one ever falls for the obvious joke

iamtehpwn3977d ago

It's just EGM's attempt to be an asshole.
Mind you, of "Sonic in Smash bros. Melee" and some other lame rumors they've come up with Every April issue.

Besides with GDC, do you really think they would've broken news of something this big in EGM?

Meus Renaissance3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

It's most likely a joke. I can't see it working that well if its actually real. Don't squeeze the franchise - or we'll be seeing Halo Tennis, Halo Kart and Halo Party Games soon. Halo 3 is meant to be a serious FPS, the entire franchise applies to the loyal hardcore fans so why mess around with it - besides I don't see the game play working in this? That's why its a fake in my opinion

SeNiLe9113978d ago

Star Wars has come out with many games before LEGO and I much rather play the LEGO games over any of the other Star Wars games, it was that fun.

HALO and LEGO would make a perfect game and I hope this is real! It would be pre-ordered today if possible.

Watch this video and find out what the one video game character is asked to be made most with LEGOs http://multiplayerblog.mtv.... I will just tell you, Master Chief!

This will be awesome if true!!!!

heyheyhey3978d ago

lol that sounds intriguing, but utterly stupid- i mean off all the things you can make lego, why halo? it's a hardcore FPS FFS

Caxtus7503978d ago

Its a fake. Its there April Fool joke. I read this here yesterday:

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The story is too old to be commented.