Silent Hill V Showing Soon? 3 More new screenshots

Konami have release another 3 new Silent Hill V Screenshots today to add to the flood of Silent Hill V screenshots of late. Does this mean we might actually see something new of the game soon?

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Rice3882d ago

Im looking forward more to Alone in the dark than this game...

BLUR1113882d ago

new alone in the dark looks amazing

Bloodshedder3882d ago

alone in the dark looks great but i dont think people would do all the stuff they do on the videos, dont get me wrong the interaction looks great but theres a lot of stuff to on alone in te dark i fear that it will get repetitive

btw look at my avatar

timmyp533882d ago

I want it to have that same ol scary Silent Hill feel but with RE4 controls.

eagle213882d ago

The graphics look pretty good though.

power of Green 3882d ago

Meh, that oldschool slow" walk around looking for retared things is lame now. Looks OK visually gameplay seems bland.

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