News from GameTrailer TV's Visit to Valve

* New plush toys are in the works. TF2 characters will soon be your bedside companions, starting with the Heavy.
* There is presently no Counter-Strike 2, however…
* …if they go ahead and start development on a Counter-Strike 2, they are leaning to taking an approach similar to what was done with TF2. Re-evaluate everything but try to stay close to the heart of Counter-Strike.
* That's not to say that CS2 would match TF2's art style.
* Portal 2 is sort of, kind of confirmed (again).
* Kim Swift wishes to explore more of the Aperture Science labs themselves, to provide more of a look at the building.
* Some very impressive Left 4 Dead footage is being shown
* Gabe states that L4D will greatly appeal to fans of Counter-Strike
* A PS3 version of L4D isn't completely ruled out, and may one day be developed.
* Goldrush for TF2 is looking to be a rather massive map, easily the size of Dustbowl with the same texture style.
* Nothing in development for the Wii and that is something Valve really wants to look at.
* Episode 3 is being worked on, in case there was any doubt.

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ISA_Scum4007d ago

Hope the Gametrailer's crew were able to leave with all their body parts intact. Fatman Gabe will eat anything that comes within 5 feet of him. Microphones, arms, cameras....ANYTHING!