Wish this guy had refurbished my defective Xbox 360

X2theG reports: "The story about, "Another Gamer Screwed by Microsoft" has exploded all over the net but seems a little farfetched if you asked me. His Xbox had some art work and signatures signed with permanent marker wiped off clean while being refurbished by Xbox warranty service. Why would someone do this? I just can't see it happening but I guess it could."

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Savior X4004d ago

I doubt it was even wiped clean, i wouldn't be surprised if was an entirely different unit...(not new) My best bud got a almost light grey console back and it even said for display only. I think the guy who fixed this xbox did just that or is putting that case on ebay. I'm just glad i didn't win one of those cool 300 (The Movie) Limited edition consoles!

uxo224003d ago

I uploaded it from my hard drive, but nothing showed up. Maybe, I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions folks.

mikeslemonade4003d ago

If Microsoft doesn't correct the failure by November then day by day there's going to be 360 owners who will get screwed because the 3 year warranty will start ending for the launch 360 owners. They will have the option to buy another 360 or don't buy a 360. And all launch 360 owners will be trying to break the 360 on purpose, so it's easy to believe that the hardware failure is 33% and Microsoft did admit that. I believe it's higher than that.

mmj4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

When you clean something dirty the dirt tends to transfer onto the cloth and hence a smudge can appear anywhere that has been wiped...

By all means go out of your way to call the person a liar and try to deny it ever happened, if you feel that you have to defend your beloved games console manufacturer. I don't really see what anyone would gain by making such a story up?

DarkSniiper4004d ago

You think they could get it that clean and get a smudge somewhere else? Dark Sniper thinks you've been hitting the bowl to hard this early in the AM.


mmj4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

It's marker pen on a plastic surface, the stuff will come off easy with some cleaning fluid.

They will be under instructions to give every unit a quick clean, they aren't running a cleaning business where it has to be spotless.

DRUDOG4004d ago

I hear you mmmj. My wife said that fingernail polish remover works like magic in getting permanent marker off most surfaces. She's a teacher, trust me she knows what she's talking about. Those students can be quite destructive.

uxo224003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

This entire story as to whether or not it could have been completely cleaned has peaked my interest. So I ran my own test. I took my 360 remote which is made of the same materials as the 360, with the same texture and same finish. In the attached picture you will notice that I put my initials on the remote then tried to clean it with household cleaners, 409, fantastic, comet, etc. then I clean it with fingernail polish remover.

The results were that the household cleaners pretty much did nothing to clean off the sharpie marker I used to make the intials. The nail polish remover did however remove the marker but not the evidence that it was marked. Another thing I noticed was the the nail polish remover damaged the surface of the remote and ruined some of the texture.

With that being said, your typical cleaner would not have erased this 360, they would have needed something stronger. An even then, they would have left some blemishes all over the case. Unless of course they used something stronger yet gentler then nail polish remover. maybe they used xbox 360 autograph and logo remover which can only be found on the gray market....(humor)

Anyway look at the photo and tell me what you think..

KingME4003d ago

UXO, where is the Pic.

poopface14003d ago

I will say that it doesnt matter at all and microsoft did their job of fixing the console. If you wanna right on sh*t and send it away thats your choice. Microsoft didnt ask him to draw on it. It sucks xboxes break, but its a drawing, this isnt news and only fanboys or this guy really care. Its not like the guy paid extra for a special console and microsoft gave him a white one, he altered it himself and microsoft fixed the broke a$$ 360.

uxo224003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Don't know king, the pic upload didn't work.

DarkSniiper4003d ago

next time post it somewhere and put a link here


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vagina4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

While I think this story could be true there are two things that I think could have happened.

1.) Guy sent in his xbox and service tech swapped the case with a different one to sell or keep for himself.

2.) As far as I know removing the case from your 360 does NOT void you warranty. only opening the inner metal case does as that is where the anti-tamper stickers and whatnot are. So the owner took the case off himself and is looking to make M$ look bad and/or gain some sort of monetary payment out of M$...

both situations are likely as people suck... as proved by posters/fanboys on this website every day. the case being cleaned though... most probably NOT what happened.

Nodoze4004d ago

Isn't the serial number on the plastic case? Were there any shots before and after of the serial? This would be a quick and easy way to show that one of two things happened:

1. They wiped the case (if there is no sign of serial sticker removal and reapplication)
2. They swapped units entirely (much more likely)

Either way I find it amazing that you xbox fans accept sending your unit in for repair as the norm. If this is what you are willing to accept, you get what you deserve!!

I abandoned this console LONG ago (after it's second failure).

wow4u4003d ago

The whole story is made up.

A) The smudge exists in a place where there was NO marks prior.
B) The "before" pictures were taken on Feb. 20th, by a Sony DSC-P41 camrea. Only 8 days before this blog-post. 8 day repari? no, it takes about 14 days.
C) The "after" case has the back cover removed, but sits ontop of what looks like a "customer service survey". Why would he unpack the machine, take the back cover off then take a picture?
D) The EXIF data (that identifies the DSC-P41) has been removed from the "after" photo. Why?

This is a constructed ruse, maybe for blog traffic, maybe a black-marketing effort.

One thing, they are sloppy.

xplosneer4003d ago

but N4user is right. On the second picture, the front of the console is removed. It looks like the back at first but you can clearly see the 360's rings. Now who would remove the front after trying so hard to keep it perfect to send to MS?

jacobdevos4004d ago

if you are to wipe a surface with marker on it
from left to right
you will see that where the cloth stops and goes the other direction there will be a blemish of paint that gathered in the cloth while wiping

that's all it looks to be, there was so much marker in the cloth it was probably saturated at a certain part and the warranty worker was too lazy to go over the surface a second time

wow4u4003d ago

That is nonsense.

They took the effort to clean off the actual marks, but left a small smudge of ink-solvent smudge?

The DILUTED ink, disolved in the solvent, would be SUPER easy to remove. VASTLY easier than the actual ink-marks.

Take a close look at the after picture. It looks like there is a 3/4" marker line, that was smudged around a bit.

With access to 2 white Xbox 360's:

They took pictures of the first machine. Put a small mark on a 2nd machine, rubbed it off a little. Took picture.

With access to 1 white Xbox 360:

Put a small mark on a machine, rub it off a little. Take picutre. Remove the mark&smudge clean. Draw pictures / signatures. Take pictures.

Total 100% fabrication.

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