IBM Unveils a Prototype Green Optical Network Technology for Sharing Huge Files in Seconds

Researchers today unveiled a prototype technology that could bring massive amounts of bandwidth in an energy efficient way to all kinds of machines -- from supercomputers to cell phones -- that could revolutionize the way people access, use and share information across many different applications

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neogeo4192d ago

I already know what PS4 will have.

200gig bueray drive running at 24X speed.

next gen solid state drive gor hi speed cashing.

Same cell set up but with only 16mn chips so they will be over
clocked to 6GHZ's.

A much more powerful main CPU with 1 billion transisters.

24 Gigs of DDR9 RAM

Best of all same programing as PS3 so only updates to the current gen engines, with no need to relearn the system.

as far as a new GPU I don't think there will be any to cut out the middle man.