Another new Street Fighter IV trailer

This time Famitsu published a new Street Fighter IV trailer. Enjoy.

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Bloodshedder4190d ago

hmmm looks good since its a trailer! :D but i dont think im to hippet abouth the game can any one tell whos gonna get this fckn game

Keowrath4190d ago

I hope we get endings for each character like the Chun-Li, Viper bit at the beginning. I really do like the style and if they give us a movie for each character at the end of the game I'll be a happy bunny.

Sound was pretty low but I couldn't help but get an MGS feeling from the soundtrack in places... Maybe I'm just MGS mad at the moment.

Jamegohanssj54190d ago

Why is this under the PS3 section? This isn't a PS3 game that we know of. Where in the heck is the arcade section?

The Genius has spoken.