Sexy babes pimping videogames

It's a known fact guys love looking at girls; however they also like playing games. So, in a vinegar stroke of marketing genius, the two are regularly combined. And here, for your viewing pleasure, are some of our favourite examples of sexy scantily clad, women pimping videogames.

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MajorgamerQc4193d ago

Porn and prostitution will soon invade the video game sad!

Syko4193d ago

Cue another 800 degree story with only 15-20 comments. Little fanboys trolling for bikini shots and perhaps the almighty nip slip. lol.

sumfood4u4193d ago

Lmao this is Krazy how the world rotates like this! Girls 1/2 Naked posing for games the could careless about! & us Guys drooling over them! Some guys will buy a game if Hot Chick is Representing It! I prefer Games that are Great!

fenderputty4193d ago

with advertising. We've been bombarded by it all of our lives so we aren't as susceptible to marketing campaigns. We even see advertising in video games. Advertising is just everywhere. Because of this you and I can just look at this add without interest in the video game and, thank the dear marketers for offering up something of quality to look at. lol

judd4193d ago

Haha. Using sex to sell games because this gen is a "hard one to penetrate." I about spewed my chocolate milk out my nose when reading that.

brocool4193d ago

Exploiting our hormones, what else would sell a game like mx vs atv.

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The story is too old to be commented.