IGN: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Preview

IGN: One would be hard pressed to argue that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII isn't one of the most anticipated PSP games of the year. With sharp visuals, enticing gameplay and a plot that extends the canon of one of the most famous RPGs of all time, Crisis Core is sure to garner a lot of attention come its release late March.

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INehalemEXI4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I Love those Bahamut Flares from Orbit so sick. 24 days left as of the time of this post o_0.

gano4007d ago

This game along with kingdom hearts is the perfect begins of rpg action.

sumfood4u4007d ago

Thank Goodness i got my in Reserve! I'm looking forwards to this game! I Love Summons am respect how U earn them! Also i'm sorta sick of the old school Turnbase Style! Movement+Skills+Luck= alot of fun dodging & blocking enemys!

HardcoreGamer4006d ago

i cant beleive it, im actually shaking in my booots

INehalemEXI4006d ago

Only 23 days and some odd hours as of the time of this post for the US. :D