IGN: Top Ten Most Anticipated Games

Here are the top ten games across all platforms for the week of 10/1/2006 - 10/8/2006:

1.Halo Wars (X360)

2.Assassin's Creed (X360)

3.Gears of War (X360)

4.BioShock (X360)

5.Alan Wake (X360)

6.The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

7.Mass Effect (X360)

8.Fable 2 (X360)

9.Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (X360)

10.Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

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joemutt6353d ago

And the other two are Zelda and Mario, what an honor it is for the 360 to be included among such gaming giants.

uxo226352d ago (Edited 6352d ago )

Although the xbox360 has so many games on the list, I would have to think that the list turned out this way because, I don't know maybe not many people knew which titles would be a true launch title for the PS3.

Even 360 fans would have to admit (at least the fair ones) that MSG4, Assassin's Creed, and Killzone. Would be on lots of people most desired list if they were PS3 launch titles.

I know they'd be on my list.

It's going to be a good holiday season for both systems, and a great season for those that has the privilege of owning both systems.

Eternal E 8086353d ago

that just gose to show M$ did there job and delivered we will have to see other big game sites list now and i think it wont differ

Boink6353d ago

as much as I like the news, It makes me wonder why there are no ps3 games?


are they just too far away? but halo doesn't have a release date, and it's there.

ow well, great job MS

Daytona6353d ago

And as we all know, "Halo 3" should of been number 1 on the list, to be honest not enough people probably know about the newest Halo game "Halo Wars" yet for it to of been number 1. I do see where most of the games would of been included but again, where's Halo 3?

USMChardcharger6352d ago

they got this list from what everyone has been checking out on their web site (which i might point out is usually a Sony dominate site).

so they didn't just make the list up...it is what people have been looking @ on their site...they can see that you know.

my guess is the announcement of halo wars just piped people's interest. they clicked away to find any information.

Retard6352d ago

I read something like think at like 1UP or something (can't remember.) Well either way there were no Wii-apps up there and PS3 had like 4 of the top 10 and this also included PC titles...

Half-Life:2 Epid: 2 PC
Crysis PC
Gears X360
Resistance:FM PS3
Zelda:TP Wii
The usual that I'd expect.
Halo wasn't included because the game has yet to be previewed I guess.

icdedppl6353d ago

yeah, i think we all know what ign caters to. i think a better place to see this kind of data would be 1up.com. go the their front page and you will see their most popularly viewed games. seems like the list there is a bit more balanced.