Street Fighter's Cammy Gets Sweaty (Ripten After Dark)

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

Dan and I were discussing the upcoming Street Fighter game over Google Talk while I searched for Sagat cosplay images on Google (this is what we do when we get bored). Most of the images I found had nothing to do with Sagat, including the image you see above, which Dan informed me was Kylie Minogue.

Dan then went on to explain who she was and asked me if I had ever seen her lingerie commercial. I had not, so he kindly referred me to its Youtube video counterpart - which we have decided to share with you in our very first edition of "Ripten After Dark". This would not be considered "safe for work" content, however the weekend approaches, and most of us who work in front of a computer for a living don't work weekends.

To those who say this has nothing to do with videogames, you are wrong! Dan also informed me that she played Cammy in the Street Fighter movie - which means this is very relevant. Hit the jump for the video.

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Twizlex4193d ago

Oh... em... gee... That was the best Street Fighter video I have ever seen!!!!

Nostradavis4193d ago

That was 1 billion times better than the Street Fighter movie.....

Twizlex4193d ago

I don't expect a lot of comments on this side... What's there not to love?

Nostradavis4193d ago

I disagree, I bet you that on a post like this most of the comments will end up on this side.

Twizlex4193d ago

Why? What bad could you possibly say? This isn't game related? Pu-shaw!!!

Nostradavis4193d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of she should have done that stint in the movie. It would have won best picture in 1995.

Sandwich Bender4193d ago

Strangely enough, now I want to see a new Street Fighter movie.

Twizlex4193d ago

Actually, I do too. They could make a good movie if they really wanted to. And put her sweet cakes in there -- I will totally watch it.

Bathyj4193d ago

What? He doesn't know who Kylie is?

This might be a broad generalization and I know its not completely true, even as I say it, but Americans are just all about America aren't they. They live in a bit of a fishbowl, insulated from the rest of the world, or so it appears to me.

Hey, I mean no offense by that, it just an obsevation, but I'll duck and cover now in preparation for the onslaught.

Nostradavis4193d ago

He knows who she is now...and I am sure he appreciates her very much.

Twizlex4193d ago

Well, at least the other guy knew who she was... almost obsessively since he even knew she was in that Street Fighter movie. Dan is my new hero.

Nostradavis4193d ago

Yea, Dan seems like the kinda guy who knows allot about chicks he has never met. I think they call those people stalkers.

Twizlex4193d ago

Stalkers are good people. You have to admire their dedication.

Bathyj4193d ago

Its not all fun and games. The girl I'm watching had my restraining order bumped up from 100 feet to 100 yards. I have to get a new lens for my camera. Plus I keep getting this bloody rash from the bushes round the back of her house.

Still, there are good times.

Nostradavis4193d ago

See its good to see that you are trying to focus on the good times!! Keep your head up (but not too high or they may see you in the bushes).

techie4193d ago

"Dan is my new hero." lol

Not hearing of Kylie Minogue is kind of embarrassing - she's been massive (not literally, she's a tiny little aussie) in all countries for 20 years.

deeznuts4192d ago

Well I don't know dude's age or anything, but Kylie Monogue was HUGE in america, so this isn't a case of Americans caring only about Americans. She was big back in the day, I'd say the 80s. Even if you didn't listen to their music, her, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany etc. were all over MTV mixed in with Bon Jovi, Def Leppard Poison etc. I know I just dated myself there, but it's just a case of not being 100% aware of all music acts.

I think Kylie had like a 2nd coming recently, and that was much less exposed than her first go around.

Grown Folks Talk4192d ago

I'm 31 & I remember the locomotion video. She gets better with age. I love my wife, but Kylie's booty will test ya. = }

Bathyj4192d ago

Not that I want to keep going on about this, I'm not even a fan (except of her face and body) but you kind of just proved my point.

Kylie's career has never dipped. Shes been consistently popular and in the charts since the 80's in Australia, where she's from, and the UK, where she's really big. Just not in the US. Anyway, that all I have to say about that.

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Nostradavis4193d ago

Yes my friend. That she does.

I would give you two bubbles in honor of her ass but it only allows me to give you one. Have a bubble.

techie4193d ago

Actually you u can't even give him one >_< It takes a lot of votes to gain a bubble

darkshiz4193d ago

I did gained a bubble thanks to him.
Thank you man.

I had 6 before I posted.
Who would have known that people can get a bubble with a perverted comment?

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The story is too old to be commented.