Gamepro's X360 vs PS3 vs Wii

Gamepro compares all three next-gen consoles and provieds an "unbiased" score rating for each. Who will win? Click the link to find out...

joemutt6190d ago

"This was a close one, with first and second place decided by a razor's edge"

I'm just glad my GAMING console won the best GAMING category which was 'Best GAME Lineup'

soccerstar6190d ago

ya but remember a lot of ps3 franchises are not releasing anytime soon or have not been announced yet

zypher6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

why are you glad that your gaming console won Best Gaming catagory? when did Gamepro become the deciding-facto messiah of what gaming should be? what, are they only right about game line-up, and wrong about everything else they scored in the PS3's favor?

THELANDSOFSAND6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

"Still, we can't shake the feeling that, in the end, the PlayStation 3 will prove itself to be the console with the longest legs. With robust third-party support, hot first-party exclusives, and the what we've been calling "the Blu-ray advantage," the PS3 will be an unbeatable choice for the serious gamer."

1- blur-ray has no advantage for the serious gamer
2- 360 has the best 3rd party support this generation
3- the most anticipated first party games coming out are for the 360
4- what about online gaming? PS3 is dead in the water on that (and no, shabby gamespy deals won't fix that)

so basically, this review is pretty demented...

lalaland6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

"1- blur-ray has no advantage for the serious gamer"

Ofcourse it does... room for more content... especially coupled with standard harddrives for caching.

"2- 360 has the best 3rd party support this generation"

Where did that come from? I don't want to go into detail, but just sumarize by saying most X360 third-party developers have PS3 titles as well, while X360 has next to no support from Japanese third-party developers (I know the big ones are on the X360, but that is only a handfull). Add to that all the first- and secondparty developers for PS3 -- there are a lot more than for the X360 -- and you may recognize the greater overall support for PS3.

"3- the most anticipated first party games coming out are for the 360"

That is a very subjective statement... I don't think so.

"4- what about online gaming? PS3 is dead in the water on that (and no, shabby gamespy deals won't fix that)"

Not really. A lot of launch games has online support (a few don't), and it is a fact that Resistance the only game with support for that many simultaneous online players (40) -- the best X360 can show is PDZ with it's 32 players. Wether the online service lives up to expectations has yet to be seen, but let's not judge before it is out.

Tut6190d ago

This is a dead horse... please stop beating it.

Who cares anymore? We'll all have what we want soon so get over it.

This news story is irrelevant and should not be posted as official news on this site in my opinion.


zypher6190d ago

agreed. all it's gonna do is enflame fanboy wars, and thats what this site DOES NOT need. few will realize that this guestimation is just that, an opinionative piece from ONE gaming site. they are neither right or wrong: this is just their OPINION. everyone has their own opinion, which makes gaming diverse, the way it shoudl be.

Daytona6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

The underpowred rsx, lmao, it was only and I mean only b/c they scored the Xbox 360 lower due to no HDMI, what a joke that is.
There were other jokes as well, must of been a sony paid article, lol.
Anyway's, to be honest the Wii didn't belong in this, it's an underpowered kids system, a dressed up gamecube for the most part.

But such is life and it all comes down to a matter of choice/preference that fits our style/s.

zypher6190d ago

the only negative thing they had to say about the PS3's GPU was its 256 MB of dedicated RAM; a statement they amended by saying, "The games will still look fantastic, but memory useage will be a constant concern. On the other hand, the RSX chip can access the PS3's auxiliary 256 MB of system RAM, so it once again comes down to programming chops."

SomeAnalyst6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

How does 1080p+HDMI outweigh the PS3 having to trim out "huge, super-crisp environment textures and anti-aliasing"? For each gamer that will be able to enjoy 1080p there's 50 gamers that can enjoy huge textures. That gives the 360 top graphics award for 98% of homes (The Real World). PS3 is geared to the most niche of niche markets, and I'm sure they'll win in that market!

Marriot VP6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

wow, seriously why even waste our time with this. So many variables in this score card can change instantly.

Isn't the RSX at 500mhz now. Also the 360's gpu is better than the RSX, not by much but still better. And the RSX wins that battle?? I'm well aware of how the CPU's role plays into the graphics by the way.

All I can say to these people who made this is...


lalaland6190d ago

How come several crossplatform games so far look better on the PS3 AND in 1080p, while not a single current preview states a X360 version of a crossplatform game to look the better?

It will be atleast another year, before we can decide if the X360 or the Cell/RSX combination is the better for graphics.