Behind the Scenes of Section 8

Section 8 unveiled, straight from Gamecock's mouth.

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Coffin873882d ago

am i the only one who hasn't heard of this game yet?

zornik3882d ago

Yep.....the introduction of the game was like 6 months ago with a CGI trailer you also see in the comment video.

Laexerias3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I Swear.. if i want a Epic FPS i go and buy UT3 or something.
I dont want to hear about new FPS Multiplayer Style, i want to see it.. they can say anything, even that it will have 100 VS 100 Multiplayer what would be fantastic, it could be a bad game!
Those Characters doesnt even look good, i mean, what can they promise? :/ I mean.. im very sceptic about FPS and anyone should be like this, cause there are too much FPS, there should be more games like Gears of War or Uncharted Drake's Fortune! Great TPS! I mean... hell yeah, if someone gives me a Multiplayer with real Human engine, i mean..
u can see the rest of your body, the camera is placed where the head is, your arms can be injured and you cant use your weapon with the right arm, etc. that would be something new, okay nothin for FPS newbies, but for the FPS Pro's it would be something f*cking great.
I mean.. it would be something new.. And stuff. Hihihi.
A Pro's Dream of something realistic, i mean.. okay, it would not be cool if a FPS were to realistic, it would be sick, i mean .. okay i stop talking.