Left 4 Dead, Eat Some Brains Together!

TVGB: "Just to clear the air, I am overjoyed that I was wrong in my assumption this game was anything like Dead Rising. Turtle Rock Studios is looking to do introduce some very interesting twists to the zombie shooter which makes me wish that it was June even more."

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power of Green 4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Pretty much sounds like a must have AAA at this point. Sounds like a console pushing Zombie game fans all over the world will go crazy over. Its one of the titles ontop of my must have list. I got the pedigree instant classic feeling about this title; huge like Halo/Mario feeling.

funkysolo4189d ago

AAA? I doubt it. There is too many AAA games in the genre coming out. Condemd 2, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark and of course the big RE5. This title sound average at best but it's going to get overlook because of the top dogs

power of Green 4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Did you even read any info on this title? matter of fact did you even read this post?.

Those other games maybe popular thats not going to stop gamers from finding out the radically different next generation gameplay.
This title actually has many people very excited only PS3 downplay it. Condemd 2 is the only title that can hold a candle to it in value and replayability, many people think this will be the next evolution of the genre, not REZ 5 lol. Zombie fans are Zombie fans you should do some reading about it your opinion can only be explained as fanboyism.

GET off meeeeee


4189d ago
chrno64189d ago

It will be great, but not console pushing since my friends and I, and many others, are buying it for the PC. Let's face it, most people will buy the pc version over the other since the requirement is not high.

power of Green 4189d ago

Your friends and yourself have nothing to do with console gamers lol. Not everybody cares or even knows whats on PC. lol.

Like saying Alan wake won't or can't push consoles due to PC.

Kids and average gamers didn't say to themselfs I wan't to play Orange BOX lets get it for PC. The PC market doesn't compete with the console market.

1.3, Thats why you're hating on it most everybody knew little to nothing about the game other than seeing a earily preview of it untill after the fact. Your opinion is based on the title not being a Multi platform game.

Its you people that have turned on the game. The only thing I knew before the recent details about the title was Xplay's Adam S being very excited about it. lol

Shankle4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I know more people who play on PCs than than people who play on consoles.

TheMART4189d ago

@ funkysolo

Do those games you mention have 4 player co-op online to smash some zombies with 3 of your friends together?

Don't think so. This game stands out on that point alone already!

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power of Green 4189d ago

Blazers vs Lakers hell of a game. *Elite gamer* if you read this sorry Kobe Got owned. lol

poos34189d ago

this game will ownnnnn i loove the lok of everything ib this game why ? cause its using the source engine and that engione is very very dynamic this game will be amazing

Faztkiller4189d ago

im going to rent it first

InMyOpinion4189d ago

In every preview I've read of this game the ones who get to try it out always seem floored by it's fun factor and inventive features.

Can't wait to try it out.

Strife Lives4189d ago

What game engine are they using? The graphics look kinda dated

power of Green 4189d ago

No these fit your comment better and its not a Multi player game.

Not flaming just telling you you have to appreciate the devs for making this very next gen game look the way it does. L4D is a open type game you know.

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The story is too old to be commented.