IGN: London Taxi Rush Hour Review

Publisher Destineer is nabbing up all the best racing licenses in the videogame business. First, it rocked our world with Classic British Motor Racing and now it's come along with its epic follow-up, London Taxi Rush Hour (which successfully steals keywords from the titles of most major arcade racers). The project, developed by trusty Data Design, proudly boasts a front-end interface strikingly similar to just about every other Data Design-created Wii project, but that's to be expected. And as its name suggests, London Taxi endeavors to capitalize on the successful formula of Crazy Taxi with speedy car challenges set to the backdrops of a wide-open city. There's is just one little problem: it's terrible. In fact, the word 'terrible' pleaded with us not to use it as a descriptor of this game because it felt that it wasn't powerful enough a statement. It suggested IGN instead use the newly-hatched term terri-awful-crap-no-no.

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