PSPhone appears in a Sony-Ericsson hosted contest

Do you remember the Playstation Phone that we featured around a month ago? Accordingly, Sony Ericsson is planning to create a device that combines communication and gaming functions alike. After that, no more word were further heard regarding the project. So, we could only imagine the Japanese-Swedish conglomerate's surprise when the PSPhone appears in one of their contests.

As part of their 5th year anniversary celebration, Sony Ericsson hosted a Concept Phone Design Competition. Participants are students of various Chinese universities and colleges. The contest was welcomed well and designs came in droves and various concepts. Some look normal enough, while the others seem to have come from an advance civilization from far away.

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ahmedbagoun5903d ago

1- a white female, to b in her early twenties. she is walking very fast while holding a carrying a bag in her back.
2- a white male, in his late teens, carries a blue bag in his back, and a subway sandwhich in his right hand.
3- a white female, seems to be in her late 40's, walking kind of slow, with a purse in her arm. looks sad and unhappy.
4-a black male, seems to be in his late 50's. riding a black bike in the middle of the road. had on some dirty cloth, and old boots.
5- a white female, seems to be in her early twenties, she was smiling and had on a red bookbag in her back. walked faster than the usual.
6- asian female, looks as if she was in her late twenties, had no expression in her face. was walking a medium speed.
7- a white male, looks as if he was in his late thirties. had long black hair, and a tatoo in his left arm.
8- a white male, looks to be in his late 60's or early 70's, lookded depressed and unhappy, walked much slower than every one else.
9- a white male, seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties. was carrying a big blue shopping bag, had no expression on his face.
10- a black female, seems to be in her 40's. lookded very angry as she walked very slowly. her eyes were looking at the ground.
11- a white female, looks to be in her late 60's, was very happy and had a smily face, was walking as fast as she could.
12- a white male in his late teens, wearing a black hat. riding a skate board. he was weraing an all black outfit.

uuuunvnv25903d ago

welll we know someone smokes rocks here

One5903d ago

nice phone i would buy it if the psp didnt suck so bad, not very many good games
and dont get mad sony fanboys cuz its just the truth

kornbeaner5903d ago

This is the phone that's gonna make me a cell phone user. I phone for a gamer. With this phone i don't have to worry about what limitation my phone has far as gaming. Is it brew or Java, does it run windows or PalmOs it wouldn't matter now i just need for there to be some more great games coming from that PSP farm and I'll be set.