CheatCC Review: Frontlines: Fuel of War

CheatCC writes: "How do you make a military first-person-shooter set in the near future seem relevant after last year's bar-raising Call of Duty 4? Between Activision's monster hit, not to mention Ubisoft's solid stable of Tom Clancy titles (Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, Rainbow Six Vegas), this genre has not only been done to death, but it's represented some of the best games of this console generation. And then there's all the not-so-good games cluttering this genre--we won't mention names. However, the competition and clones have not scared THQ, as their internal developer KAOS has just unleashed Frontlines: Fuel of War onto the crowded battlefield of modern military shooters. And the result, while not quite a Call of Duty-caliber effort, is pretty damn satisfying. To answer our opening question: apparently you achieve post-COD4 relevance by creating a fast-paced, accessible experience that forgoes realism in favor of fun."

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