Ten ways the games industry is shafting you.

Gamesradar writes: Okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but it doesn't negate the fact that shafting consumers is a steadfast tradition. The following are ten ways games industry leaders are trying to siphon away your cash, and how to tell them to megabyte your ass.

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ISay4516d ago

waste of time, title missleading should be " why xbox 360 sucks and dont go to best buy"

mattomondo4516d ago

Everything on this list rings true

And yeah, xbox 360 seems to get the worst of it, but many apply to wii as well

I wouldn't have put best buy at the top of the list though

TheWickedOne4516d ago

I thought it was decent, the thing the hit home with me was the DLC. I'm not saying that I'm completely against it. But it does seem in some cases that the developer are leaving certain content off of games the they normally would have left on the game if it wasn't for the PSN or XBL.