Blu-ray will beat HD-DVD, says Forrester (again)

Last year around this time Forrester Research predicted that Blu-ray would triumph over HD-DVD. They reiterated that opinion (paid access only) on Thursday, noting that Blu-ray will win because it's got:
* Greater manufacturing support
* More movie titles
* A great distribution vector (PlayStation 3)
* Greater storage capacity (making it more useful in the long run)

Still, Forrester's calling BRD's ultimate triumph a pyrrhic victory because the war between BRD and HD-DVD "will significantly slow down adoption of standalone players." Furthermore Forrester's analysts believe that "neither HD-DVD nor Blu-ray will flourish until consumers think they see a winner."

Forrester doesn't acknowledge the elephant in the room: If it takes too long for a "clear winner" to emerge, alternate delivery formats (such as digital distribution) may leapfrog both Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

joemutt6352d ago

I dont have to buy either BR or HD until I feel its worth it.

I game at home and watch movies in the theaters.


"A great distribution vector (PlayStation 3)"

oh yeah, just like UMD and PSP! that was a killer success!

HyperBear6352d ago

how did you get down to only 3 bubbles?, Must have pissed off the wrong ppl there, eh?

kmis876352d ago

It's probably because almost all of his posts just talk about how much he hates "blur-ray," his words not mine.


yes, the bubble nazis raided me for calling jin a a$$hole in reply to his similar insults. i would like more than 3 bubbles if you feel like clicking for me to speak, but i know some people (*cough* zypher, jin *cough*) hate me and would like to see my bubbles at 0, but whatever...

now then, blu(R)-ray is currently technically inferior to HD-DVD as it uses MPEG2 technology to compress its data. this will change as the 50gb discs are released. but currently its blurry compared to HD-DVD. Sony would like you to believe otherwise. This is a lie. I like to remind people of that.

Now if i lost my bubbles for saying "blur-ray" to make a point then this whole site is getting a little up tight on how people communicate.

HyperBear6352d ago

I would give you positive feedback, but you hate PS3 and have continuously put it down and for what, just cause you cant afford it and think that all the tech in the PS3 and esp. the blu-ray is crap. Man I dont know why you and TheMart and all you guys keep putting down the PS3 when you have probably never played it yet, and have never seen it up close and personal. So I dont know why you guys are following the footsteps of the retarded Sony Fanboys of 2005, when they said Xbox 360 sucks and all that, turned out it didnt suck, and then all those bashing posts about the 360, just kicked themselves in the @$$. But really, I dont see a problem with the PS3, but you do, and you continuously put it down, so NO. I only give out pos. feedback to ppl who are gamers (Gamers are people who love consoles for what they do, which is play VIDEO GAMES, and they dont choose sides and dont flame on a particular console cause they hate it. Gamers love all consoles and have a real passion for gaming) <--- Something that you and a lot of others on this site, do not have.

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Daytona6352d ago

HD-DVD will win due to a better picture and it's less expensive, really no other content will be used to judge by the public for the most part.

Tut6352d ago

Hahaha! I like that guy's comment on that article.

"Digital Distribution 4tw!!!"

I couldn't agree more with that statement...


eques judicii6352d ago (Edited 6352d ago )

they still think the ps3 will come with two hdmi... nope:

I'm also not sure if the RSX really beats the ati card in the 360... if anything its a tie. While the RSX does have faster bus speed, it is limited in developers decision... the 360 ati card can due both anti-aliasing and HDR while the RSX cannot.. meaning that the two systems would come out even..

DJ6352d ago

We've been seeing plenty of PS3 titles with HDR AND Antialiasing at the same time. It's pretty obvious even during pre-launch that the PS3 has a noticeable graphical edge.

kmis876352d ago

I don't know about those specs (I realize its the US Playstation site). I was pretty sure that the ps3 was going to have 4 controllers, and then the other 3 bluetooth connections were for other things (headsets, racing wheels, other accessories). I have no idea about that two hdmi rumor. Where did that start anyways? If it was kotaku....

lalaland6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

Both PS3 systems will have one HDMI connection.

The PS3 accepts up to seven simultaneous wireless controllers -- NBA 07 for one supports them for 7 gamers in one match on one PS3.

The X360 supports virtually "free" AA but the PS3/RSX supports AA as well -- it's just not "free".

So far several crossplatform games seem to have a graphical edge on the PS3 (VT3, RR7, FA2, Blazing Angels, FNR3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance) and none, so far, have an edge on the X360. Several crossplatform games are in higher resolution on the PS3 as well. And these are launch games...

nambo6351d ago

Where do you get this information? Pictures? Hardly a reliable source. Let's wait until the PS3 is actually out before making guesses like that.

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