Sunlight: Wii's biggest foe

Nintendo Wii's sensor bar goes awry when confronted with natural light, according to a report by a "Warpstar Knight" on the Nintendo NSIDER Forums. The impressions, from OMBRENOIR17's September 14 visit to the Nintendo World (soon to be posted on Nintendo Gal), reveal that Mother Nature's carcinogen forced Metroid Prime 3 kiosks under curtains and completely shut down Wii Sports Tennis and Shooting Game. The kiosks returned to normal as soon as the bright star took a few steps back.

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kmis875894d ago

What shall become of my wii hooked up to the television in my backyard?

joemutt5894d ago

On a real tennis court!!

Islandkiwi5894d ago

How about water? I was going to play underwater, would that be a problem?

I mean, what an odd article. It's played indoors. At least specify how much sunlight would be a problem.

FinalFormKing235894d ago

Although it doesn't seem to effect most gamers, when playing near an open window in your room it can effect gaming. In my room, for example, the sun glares off the screen and may effect my gaming. Guess I'll just have to board up the windows....

calderra5894d ago

Yeesh. Now I'm glad I'm not getting a Wii! Sunlight glares all over my TV most every hour of the day. Unless I wanna play under lamplight at noon, this would not work for me.

LiamFly5894d ago

If there is sunlight directly on your TV you won't be able to see it anyway. We've all expirienced having to close the blinds or move the TV because of sunlight casting on it. In other words, if sunlight is shining in the area of the sensor bar, then it is also probably shining on the TV and the screen would be invisble anyway. Case closed.

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