Naruto Storm 3: Hinata, Neji, Guy, and Sasuke Screenshots

Neji does Rotation in the air and Sasuke has a few new moves too.

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tayz3377d ago

Neji is gonna be epic!!

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ApolloTheBoss3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

@Norrison Bastard, how could you do that?! Don't run it for other people. This is exactly why I started reading the manga. Forget spoilers.

tayz3376d ago

i loled hard at this comment.

Norrison3376d ago

You pretty much confirmed it for everyone lol.

clintagious6503376d ago

This is why i basically started reading the manga because of ppl like chuck norrison here lol. Thanx for spoiling it for tayz lol.

tayz3376d ago

Hahaha, chuck norrison!

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Jag-T10003376d ago

One question, Why do Hinata's eyes look like that? Did they ever explain that in the cartoon?

clintagious6503376d ago

Thats just how their eyes look because of their ability to see through things like they can basically see all the pressure points in their opponents body to hit all the vital spots to stop the flow of chakra.

Irishguy953376d ago

No. Not explained 'yet' however Sharingan has been explained so Hinata's eye's may be related to that whole thing.



The come from the 10 tailed beast or the Sage of the six paths(Senju/Uchiha in one). Not 100% sure which but likely the 10 tails.