Crysis 3 interview: 'We can't do more on current-gen consoles than this'

CVG: Crytek on next-gen, piracy and free-to-play

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VonBraunschweigg2436d ago

"Crysis 1 was estimated to have 15-20 million users, but we sold maybe 2.5-3 million units"

Remember all those people justifying themselves for ripping GTA4 because it wasn't optimised for pc? Who now complain R* doesn't give them any info on GTA5 for pc, who even demand an optimised version because then they will buy it?

Crysis 1 was optimised for pc's that didn't even excist, and still those numbers. On console there's also piracy, just recent with Gears, but it's never a situation where the vast majority refuses to pay and goes on stealing it, only a small minority.

I heard Crysis 3 was good. Will thieves stop stealing when products get better? No sir. I wouldn't want to be a developer, creating something beautifull & worth the money only to see the masses steal it. And demand you keep supplying them...

bunt-custardly2436d ago

Crytek have said this how many times now? Why are major websites regurgitating the same drivel over and over.Why is this stuff getting approved?

MasterD9192436d ago

They are a bit of a broken record with this statement over and over again...

We get it- there isn't much you can do for this generation! Didn't we hear that when Crysis 2 came out as well?

I'd be more interested if they stopped focusing on graphics and moved on to another issue.